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News for Pottery

Parents flocked to Pottery Barn Kids and Teen during the lockdowns, driving Williams-Sonoma results
Williams-Sonoma credited its e-commerce capabilities and its Pottery Barn Kids and Teen business for better-than-expected results.

Artist creates beautiful ceramic colanders by poking holes in pottery
Morgan Loehr has mastered the art of poking holes in pottery. Her simple and clean designs take hours to make, follow her work on Instagram @thimbleberry_pottery ...

Pottery shards unearthed downtown hint at distant presidio trading partners
Artifacts sifted from more-than-200-year-old waste pits are shedding new light on the daily life at Tucson's original presidio.

Jackie Shroff tries his hands at pottery, posts a picture on Instagram
Jackie Shroff posted a picture of himself on Instagram where he could be seen trying his hands at pottery. The comments section was filled with love!

Watch This Adorable Cat Live Out The Pottery Wheel Scene From 'Ghost'
The r/aww community is all warm and fuzzy today because of this artistic feline who lent a paw to their owner's pottery project. The video was posted by u/CommonSchemeForYou on Monday and has since ...

This is how textures and designs are carved into pottery
Gaya Ceramic is an Italian design studio in Bali that creates intricate pottery. It makes carving tools from bamboo and steel plates to add texture to its ceramics. The artists at the studio also use ...

This Old Thing: Local pottery is rare and desirable
My great grandmother was the daughter of William Eby who had the pottery in Conestogo. It is 12 centimetres wide (4.75 inches). There is a slight chip on top of the lid handle. My 97-year-old dad is ...

Pandemic leaves pottery industry broken
While the State government has eliminated procedural delays in granting permission to take silt from dry water bodies, the pottery industry is all but broken by the lockdown due to lack of fresh order ...

Lawmaker throws tantrum because Pottery Barn won’t let him in
Scott Stone had a very public meltdown on Twitter Friday over... Pottery Barn. Stone got mocked so hard that he ended up making his account private.

Watch master ceramist Eric Landon destroy his pottery for fun
Eric Landon is a Danish American ceramics artist and designer. He founded Tortus Copenhagen studio with his brother. Eric travels around the world teaching workshops about his craft, and when he ...

North Carolina Politician Pissed at Pottery Barn's Appointment Policy
A former North Carolina state politician is balling up his digital fists at one ABSOLUTELY essential store refusing to let just anyone through their doors ... yep, it's Pottery Barn. The guy's name is ...

Meet your makers: Tucson woman makes soap and pottery inspired by nature and community
For every soap purchase, Spring + Vine donates a smaller piece of soap — shaped as a heart and packaged with words of affirmation — to a local nonprofit.