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English football will not resume until April 30 at the earliest, the Premier League has confirmed.  The coronavirus pandemic has put football across the world on hiatus as countries scramble to ...

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To Void or to Play? Premier League's Coronavirus Conundrum–and How to Navigate It
Nobody knows how leagues and sports organizations will act as the coronavirus pandemic continues, but as it relates to the Premier League, there are plenty of reasons to do everything possible to ...

Ex-Premier League star Solano apologises for breaking coronavirus curfew in Peru
Former Newcastle midfielder Nolberto Solano apologised on Friday after being detained by Peruvian police for breaking coronavirus quarantine orders.

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Everton and Liverpool games are currently suspended along with all of English football as PL, EFL and PFA release joint message ...

Manchester City labelled 'pariah club' by Premier League rivals following UEFA sanction enquiry
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What Steps Are the Premier League Exploring to Try to Finish the Season?
Yet for so many people isolated at home across the world, a return to the field could provide a pick-me-up in testing times. The escapism football provides is being missed more than ever—and for ...

Midwest Premier League cancels 2020 soccer season
Midwest Premier League cancels 2020 soccer season Midwest Premier League members include Livonia City FC, Mount Clemens-based LK St. Clair and BiH Grand Rapids. Check out this story on detroitnews.com ...

‘Jovic can be useful for many Premier League clubs’ – Berbatov talks up move for Spurs-linked striker
The former Tottenham frontman believes a forward who finds himself behind Karim Benzema at Real Madrid would benefit from a summer transfer ...

Belarusian Premier League odds, predictions for March 27: Advanced computer model reveals top picks
The Belarusian Premier League has not halted play due to the coronavirus pandemic, and Friday's doubleheader is garnering vast attention from soccer fans across the globe. Torpedo-Belaz Zhodino takes ...