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News for Presley

Elvis Presley promised marriage and kids to girlfriend before Priscilla
ELVIS PRESLEY returned from Germany reunited with his long-term girlfriend Anita Wood to get married and have children - but instead, he met someone else.

Elvis Presley Cried During a Major Priscilla Presley Moment
Elvis Presley cried during an important moment in Priscilla Presley's life. Here is how she reacted to his vulnerable side.

Denver mansion once eyed by Elvis Presley hits market for $5.2M
A 50-year-old mansion that once tugged at the heartstrings of the “King of Rock and Roll” has hit the market again for $5.2 million.

Lisa Marie Presley's Daughter Riley Now Works As A Death Doula Following Brother's Death
Riley Keough lost her brother Benjamin to suicide last year. She recently opened up about how his death has impacted her life and her goals.

Music Pier Shows To Feature Elvis Presley Hits, A Capella Group
Wacky Wednesday, Family Night and a Music Pier show featuring Elvis Presley hits are on tap in Ocean City this week. Presley's hits will come to life on the Ocean City Music Pier stage on Friday and ...

The Heartbreaking Way Elvis Presley’s Daughter Reacted to His Death
He cried the first time he saw Priscilla hold Lisa Marie. How Priscilla Presley informed Lisa Marie Presley of Elvis’ death Later in the book, Priscilla said the Presley family was in disbelief ...

Elvis Presley’s ex-girlfriend compares Bruno Mars to the late King of Rock and Roll
Elvis Presley’s ex-girlfriend has compared Bruno Mars to the late King of Rock and Roll. Linda Thompson, who dated Elvis from 1972 to 1976, took a trip to Las Vegas recently and saw a Bruno Mars ...

Big Time Decent puts Priscilla Presley-fronted series on menu
The Vancouver-based prodco is teaming with BroadbandTV and Hyperdrive Entertainment to bring the unscripted food series to screen.

The Oklahoman's Super 30: OSU football commit Braylin Presley's unique skills were evident early
Bixby star and Oklahoma State football recruit Braylin Presley didn't want to live in the shadow of his talented older siblings.

Elvis Presley painted statues black in Las Vegas showroom during fire to ‘integrate’ venue
You can unsubscribe at any time. More info During the early 1970s, Elvis Presley performed his Las Vegas residences at the International Hotel, which became a Hilton in 1971 and is known as ...

Fire ants, Elvis Presley Lake, flash flood rescue: News from around our 50 states
A 5.1 magnitude earthquake struck off the northern California coast late Saturday, a small tornado touched down in New Jersey over the weekend , and more ...