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Elvis Presley's co-star Irene Tsu recalls befriending the King on set: 'He was very generous and caring'
Irene Tsu has worked with some of the most recognizable names in Hollywood -- but none compare to the King. The now-75-year-old shared the screen with Elvis Presley in 1966’s “Paradise, Hawaiian Style ...

2020 All World: Out of brother's shadow, Bixby's Braylin Presley ready to make good on his boast
When his older brother was ending a brilliant, four-year career for the Spartans last season and Braylin was an emerging sophomore, he boasted that he was the best player in ...

Roger Taylor says Adam Lambert has an Elvis Presley-like aura
Roger Taylor thinks Adam Lambert has an Elvis Presley-like aura. The 70-year-old Queen star has heaped praise on Adam, describing him as a "complete joy to work with" and has even likened him to Elvis ...

TikTok star Isaak Presley reveals he's launching his own collab house called Clubhouse For The Boys
Four members from Clubhouse Beverly Hills are launching their own TikTok collab house, creator Isaak Presley, 18, told Insider.

Fact check: There are no plans to remove Elvis Presley statues
Posts circulating on social media make the claim that Elvis Presley statues are set to be removed in unspecified locations “under new guidelines”, as well as accusing Presley of cultural appropriation ...

Quick 5: Misty Presley
When you attended NSU, what were you thinking in terms of future plans?

This was Elvis Presley's least favorite hit song he recorded
There was one tune in particular that the King "didn't want to record," "didn't like," and "sang as rarely as possible". And it's one of his most popular.

That Time Elvis Presley Recorded Charlie Daniels’ Song
Charlie Daniels was synonymous with country music and Southern rock, yet a decade before scoring his commercial breakthrough as a recording artist with the 1973 novelty pop hit “Uneasy Rider,” the ...

Tom Hanks is keen to resume filming Elvis Presley biopic
Tom Hanks is eager to resume filming his upcoming Elvis Presley biopic in Australia - but has admitted it's up in the air as to whether they can fly Down Under as planned later this year amid the ...

'Elvis From Outer Space' Review: Elvis Presley deserves an apology for this aliens and conspiracy-laden mess
This 1.5 hours of crazed and psychedelic exhaustion has so much crammed into it that it spins in all directions as it just can't keep control of its own plot ...

Presley sticks with baseball
SPRINGDALE -- Jace Presley had chances to play college football, but ultimately he remained committed to baseball and Crowder College. That looked to be the right choice Tuesday night as the 6-4 right ...

Tom Hanks eager to resume filming Elvis Presley biopic in Australia
Tom Hanks is hoping he'll be allowed to jet out to Australia to resume filming the upcoming Elvis Presley biopic later this year. The 63-year-old Hollywood star and his wife Rita Wilson, also 63, fell ...