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The Blurring Primer That Kept Kaley Cuoco’s Skin Flawless on Her Wedding Day
The Blurring Primer from COVER FX is so good that even Kaley Cuoco wore it on her wedding day, and it's still selling out — details ...

Free Agency Primer
Ryan Knaus examines this offseason's pool of free agents, restricted and unrestricted, plus teams and players with contract options. (AP) ...

College football Week 9 betting primer: What's the best play in LSU vs. Auburn?
It was bound to happen at some point, and Week 8 was that time. I had a losing week for the first time in 2020. I went 2-3 on the week, with a few total plays in the Big 12 not working out as I ...

Playoff Primer: Everyone's in, now let's see how this plays out
How would it all work? Who would everyone play? What about the playoffs? Then masks worn during the games? I’m getting exhausted again just going through the questions we all had. But, we’re here, the ...

Buyers wanted: A primer on selling commercial properties
There were several things one new St. Cloud business was looking for before stitching themselves into the fabric of the area business community.

Xbox Series X and Series S walkthrough is a day-one primer
In case you haven’t heard, Microsoft has two new Xbox consoles being released in just a few weeks, the Series X and Series S. We’ve already taken a close look at the more powerful Xbox Series X, but ...

Cincinnati Reds offseason primer: What to expect after the World Series ends
The Reds will begin their offseason this week by extending a qualifying offer to Trevor Bauer and awaiting a decision from Nick Castellanos.

Plant Primer: Croton Magnificent
There are several hundred cultivars of croton (Codiaeum variegatum) and one of the newer varieties is Croton 'Magnificent.' This croton has large, 4- to 6-inch oval leaves, with a thick, ...

Facebook Says a 'Glitch' Redirected Users to a QAnon Primer
Facebook users who were not searching for information on QAnon were redirected to an extensive primer on the conspiracy theory due to a “glitch” in a system designed to fight it, according to Facebook ...

2020 Vermont high school boys soccer playoff primer and predictions
Will teams' varying schedules have any effect on the high school boys soccer playoffs? It's tough to gauge, but worth noting before I dive into my annual primer and predictions for each of the four ...

The Primer: Week 7 Edition (2020 Fantasy Football)
SEA by 3.5 QBs Russell Wilson: Going into his bye week, Wilson was the No. 1 fantasy quarterback by a full 10 points. His ridiculous 72.8 percent completion-rate, 8.9 yards per attempt, ...

2020 Vermont high school girls soccer playoff primer and predictions
The championship sites are set for all four divisions of high school girls soccer. What we don't know is who will be making those trips on Nov. 7. Can anyone upstage powerhouse Champlain Valley for ...