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News for Prisms

Mumbai: 19th Century skylights lying in ruins at CSMT
The light frames with about 44 prisms seem to be structurally intact, despite some damage. Three similar frames were spotted on the west side of the building, abandoned. They were once above the ...

How rainbow-chasing chemists put the twinkle in modern astronomy's eye
But once the physicists and chemists who were involved invented spectroscopy, it was off to the astronomical races. Related: 50 fabulous deep-space nebula photos Prisms are fascinating: White light ...

Once Astros' face and voice, A.J. Hinch ousted for inaction
Through his words and his attitude, A.J. Hinch for five years provided a human face to an organization that far too often was embodied by the cold, hard prisms of data and technology — sometimes ...

Celestron’s Nature Binoculars
Binoculars use one of two internal prism designs — roof prisms or Porro prisms — to make sure that images exiting the eyepieces are right-side up, not flipped like in astronomical telescopes.

Hamden High School Spotlight "Prisms" Concert
The views expressed in this post are the author's own. Want to post on Patch? Register for a user account.

Kuwait's golden prism at Dubai Expo 2020 to shine light on scarce resources
A large water tower encircled with glinting gold prisms, representing the country’s desert, will symbolise Kuwait’s message to protect and preserve scarce resources, at Expo 2020 this year.

Prisms Pharmasave
The friendly team at Prism's Pharmasave in Hamilton, Ontario makes your health and wellness its top priority. Whether you need to fill a prescription, you're looking for a particular health ...

Edmund Optics AR-coated prisms available in sizes from 5 to 50 mm
TechSpec broadband antireflection-coated right-angle prisms are for use with low-power laser sources. Based on an N-BK7 substrate, the prisms are available in sizes from 5 to 50 mm with coatings ...

Sir Isaac Newton's Prisms
IT is reported from Italy that three optical prisms formerly belonging to Sir Isaac Newton have now found a permanent resting place in the Museum of Treviso. The prisms in question were originally ...

Grand Rapids' Prismatica shines bright at night
in Grand Rapids on Wednesday, January 22, 2020. Comprised of 25 rotating prisms, each standing over six feet fall, Prismatica is a touring installation created by RAW Design. The prisms are ...

Protecting Remote Infants By Sms (prisms)
Known as the Protecting Remote Infants by SMS (PRISMS) the app is currently being used in Bwizibwera HCIV where midwives use phones to get a diagnosis.

Samsung reportedly receives prisms for 5x zoom cameras on Galaxy S20 phones
The most recent evidence, however, indicates that this is not the case – a report out of Korea states that Samsung has taken delivery of prisms for 5x optical zoom. They were built by fellow ...