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News for Project

Widespread Use Of Face Masks Could Save Tens Of Thousands Of Lives, Models Project
Models developed by mathematical epidemiologists project that tens thousands of lives across the US can be saved by more people wearing face masks.

Greece: Construction begins on major development project
Greece's prime minister on Friday inaugurated the start of construction work on a long-delayed major development project at the prime seaside site of the old Athens airport. Kyriakos Mitsotakis hailed ...

Saudi Arabia’s Crisis Won’t Slow $20 Billion Project
Saudi Arabia is pushing ahead with a $20 billion tourism and culture project in its capital despite the kingdom’s fiscal crisis, counting on a rebound in pent-up consumer spending when the global ...

Rio Tinto slashes reserves estimate at giant Mongolian copper project
Rio Tinto has slashed its estimate of how much gold and copper it can mine at its giant underground project in Mongolia’s Gobi desert, in the latest setback to the $6.8bn development. In an updated ...

Software company picks Heights M-K-T project for ‘balance between work and wellness’
SmartVault, a provider of cloud-based document storage solutions, will move to M-K-T in the Heights later this year.

Data-derived metrics describing the behaviour of field-based citizen scientists provide insights for project design and modelling bias
Around the world volunteers and non-professionals collect data as part of environmental citizen science projects, collecting wildlife observations, measures of water quality and much more. However, ...

The Mom Project raises $25M for its job site aimed at working mothers
Women have long had the short end of the stick when it comes to employment, regularly finding themselves struggling to break through the glass ceiling for promotions and on average getting paid less ...

Spanish Harlem Orchestra’s Latin Jazz Project — an orchestral tour de force
For nearly two decades, ballroom energy was the band’s focus — tight brass and powerhouse percussion their key to acclaim. That energy and precision remain on The Latin Jazz Project, not surprising ...

Redis database creator Sanfilippo: Why I'm stepping down from the open-source project
Redis creator Salvatore Sanfilippo steps back as the project's maintainer but he'll still be around as an ideas person.

UK gives go-ahead to giant windfarm project off Norfolk coast
GW Vanguard project gets greenlight, with approval on 2.4GW Hornsea 3 expected in autumn ...

Rio Tinto cuts reserves at Mongolian copper project as costs rise
Rio Tinto on Friday cut estimated reserves at its underground copper mine extension in Mongolia and confirmed it would face delays and higher costs after ground instability forced it to redesign its ...