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News for Publix

Woman arrested for racial tirade at Hialeah Publix says police, prosecutors have it all wrong
The alleged tirade, which took place inside and in the parking lot of a Hialeah Publix supermarket, was directed at another shopper who asked her to keep her distance. “I have never had a racist ...

1 man, 3 crimes: Carjacking, hit-and-run, and robbery ends outside Jacksonville Publix, police say
On Wednesday morning a person called the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office claiming to have witnessed a carjacking just moments before and were in the process of following the suspect.

Publix Is Open This Memorial Day For All Your Last-Minute Needs
We're not judging you at all, we're just here to let you know that if you need to go shopping on Memorial Day this year, you can totally count on Publix. Yes, Publix locations will be open t, May 31, ...

Publix pharmacies offer walk-in COVID vaccines in 7 states
Publix pharmacies are now accepting walk-ins for the COVID-19 vaccine at all of their locations across seven states. The Lakeland-based supermarket chain said on its website that customers have the ...

Merchants in Golf shopping center worry as Publix anchor moves out
A Publix is being constructed on southeast intersection of Military Trail and Woolbright Road in the village of Golf replacing one across the street.

Publix Register Campaign Supports American Red Cross Disaster Relief Efforts
Publix announced its register donation campaign raised more than $160,000 for the American Red Cross’ Spring Tornadoes and Floods relief effort ...

Publix Pharmacies In Florida Now Offering Walk-In COVID Vaccinations
You no longer have to make an appointment to get the COVID-19 vaccine at Publix pharmacies in Florida, and six other states.

Palm Beach County adds 205 new COVID cases Sunday as Publix prepares for walk-in vaccinations
Publix pharmacy stores in Florida will begin offering walk-in COVID-19 vaccinations to customers beginning Monday. The vaccines will be available customers who are 18 and older. Customers will have a ...

Carjacking on Cesery leads to high-speed chase, arrest at Atlantic Boulevard Publix
An eyewitness saw a woman pulled from her car and gave chase. The suspect was captured outside the Publix at Atlantic and University boulevards.

Publix opens vaccine availability to walk-ins
Publix opened all of their stores to walk-ins, joining CVS and Winn Dixie, among other pharmacy retail markets. At Publix, they will be offering the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, although ...

Publix Allows Walk-Ins For COVID-19 Vaccinations
Publix is offering walk-ins for eligible Florida residents to get the COVID-19 vaccines. Find out here what to bring.

Publix to offer walk-in COVID-19 vaccinations starting May 10
Anyone who wants to get either the Moderna or Johnson and Johnson vaccine can walk into a Publix Pharmacy location starting Monday, May 10, without an appointment, while supplies last.