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News for Purple

The domain name Purple.com was sold for $900,000
Purple Innovation is an American comfort technology company based in Alpine, Utah, USA. It specializes in the direct-to-consumer sale of mattresses, seat cushions, back cushions, pillows and platform bases. The previous owner was not even considering ...

Scientists discover new purple aurora light - and call it ‘Steve’
Scientists have spotted a new purple streak of light in the northern lights, and for some reason, they have named it ‘Steve’. ‘Steve’ is a shimmering ribbon of purple light which was initially referred to by the much more ordinary name of ‘proton ...

Taro Bubble Tea and Smoked Velvet Are the Two Coolest Purple Hair Colors for Spring
Since Ultra Violet was named Pantone's 2018 Color of the Year, countless iterations of purple hair have been invading Instagram feeds. Between photos of delicate balayage and low-key bronde looks, you can find purple hair in basically every shade imaginable.

It turns out purple states are the ones standing up for campus free speech
Florida this week joined eight other states that have banned “free speech zones” at public colleges — which, in the topsy-turvy way things work on campus these days, is a win for free speech.

Purple-glitter-sour-Peeps beer is the Easter/April Fool's Day creation no one asked for
With this week’s news that Fort Worth’s Collective Brewing Project is at work on a sour beer brewed with 30 boxes of Peeps, vanilla, edible glitter, and butterfly pea flower, we can only conclude that every possible beer on earth has already been ...

Mystery of Purple Lights in Sky Solved With Help From Citizen Scientists
Notanee Bourassa knew that what he was seeing in the night sky was not normal. Bourassa, an IT technician in Regina, Canada, trekked outside of his home on July 25, 2016, around midnight with his two younger children to show them a beautiful moving light ...

After waiting more than 70 years, World War II veteran and POW, now 94, receives Purple Heart
On April 11, 1944, Staff Sgt. Edward Mims and five other men from the 566th Bombardment Squadron of the 8th Army Air Force narrowly escaped their B-24 Liberator just moments before it burst into flames over Nazi Germany. Before he jumped, the fire headed ...

Purple FTW! Podcast: $84 Million Doll Hairs feat. Sam Ekstrom (ep. 528)
The ink on the Kirk Cousins $84M full guaranteed free agency deal is dried and official. To talk about the monumental move, we brought in #FriendOfTheProgram Sam Ekstrom (@SamEkstrom) of Zone Coverage and the Locked on Vikings Podcast. Sam and I talked ...

Bernards steps down as Purple CEO
ALPINE, Utah — Purple Innovation, a comfort technology company known for creating the "World's First No Pressure Mattress," has announced that Sam Bernards has stepped down as CEO in order to pursue other opportunities. Terry Pearce, co-founder and ...

Citizen Scientists Help Solve Mystery of Purple Lights in Sky Known as 'Steve'
Aurora watchers located primarily in southern Canada captured photos of the ribbons of purple light between 2015 and 2016. 'Steve' can be observed at lower altitudes than typical auroras. A group of "citizen scientists" helped solve a mystery surrounding ...