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News for Purple

Purple Heart left at thrift store returned to veteran's family
When Teresa Ferrin found a Purple Heart at the Phoenix thrift store where she works, she knew it had to be important to somebody.

Angela Bassett Brings the Glamour in a Royal Purple Gown at the 2021 Golden Globe
Angela Bassett stuns on the red carpet at the 2021 Golden Globes in a royal purple gown from Dolce & Gabbana. See the dramatic look here!

Virginia's political shift from red to purple to blue
CNN's Abby Phillip previews Virginia's gubernatorial race as Democrats ride a wave of demographic change and Republicans search for a way forward.

Metro Detroit mom's purple RV a spa on wheels
The 26-foot-long purple RV parked outside a hotel in Detroit stands out on its own, but what’s inside is a whole different world — a variety of massages, stone therapy, facials, manicures, and more.

Marine awarded Purple Heart 16 years after being wounded in Fallujah
The Marine was manning his M240 machine gun on top of his AAV when his right forearm was hit with an enemy bullet.

Purple Pillow Reviews: Which Is Right for You?
Curious if The Purple Pillow, The Purple Harmony Pillow, or The Purple Plush Pillow is right for you? We reviewed all three to help you decide.

Arizona woman returns 1950s Purple Heart to man's family after finding it at thrift store
Teresa Ferrin discovered the Purple Heart — along with several other military awards — at a thrift shop in Phoenix, Arizona, where she volunteers once a week.

The Purple Line's many twists and turns on the road to completion
You may not realize just how far back this whole Purple Line thing goes. Here's a look back on its many twists and turns to being built.

Purple Door schedules a Show that's 'to Die For'
Purple Door Productions is bringing Mardi Gras to Lumberton for the murder mystery dessert event "Cupcakes to Die For." Decadent desserts, specialty drinks and murder will be offered at the ...

Hogan says Baltimore could get a version of Washington’s Purple Line if private sector bought in
Republican Gov. Larry Hogan used the Purple Line in the Washington suburbs of Maryland as an example of the sort of public-private partnership he likes.

‘Fortnite’ Purple Pool Location: Where To Bathe In The Purple Pool At Steam Stacks
Here’s a simple challenge for this week’s Fortnite challenges: Bathe in a This pool is the heart of the Named Location, located near the monument to Kevin the Cube. The Cube, of course, is what gives ...

'Fortnite' Purple Pool at Steamy Stacks Location For Week 13 Challenges
"Fortnite'' has a Purple Pool at Steamy Stacks, and you need to visit it for the Week 13 Challenges. We'll tell you where it's located.