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News for Putin

Vladimir Putin Set To Attend Multiple Summits Including G20, ASEAN Next Week
Russian President Vladimir Putin will attend numerous foreign conferences next week. The agenda includes ASEAN, G20 & East Asia Summits.

Taliban welcome Vladimir Putin's plan to remove them from terrorists' list
Putin, speaking at a meeting of the International Valdai Club, said the removal of the Taliban movement from the list of terrorist organisations is possible. However, he also emphasised that this must ...

How the West made the most dangerous version of Putin
As gas prices soar across Europe due to a reduced supply of Russian gas and Putin severs his nation's loose diplomatic ties to NATO, it's worth examining how gravely Western policymakers have misread ...

Taliban welcomes Putin’s remarks over removing them from blacklist
Spokesperson of Afghanistan’s ministry of foreign affairs Abdul Qahar Balkhi in a series of Twitter posts said that the Taliban welcomed the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s remarks over removing ...

Bennett to Cabinet After Meeting Putin: Russian President ‘Attentive to Israel’s Security Needs’
Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett returned to Israel early on Sunday from a meeting in the southern Russian resort city of Sochi. Bennett met on Friday with Russian President Vladimir Putin and ...

Vladimir Putin Defends Joe Biden's Decision to Withdraw Troops From Afghanistan
The Russian president told a forum in Sochi that the U.S. should still take responsibility for its military withdrawal.

Wrapping Up Initial Meeting, Putin Invites Bennett for Follow-up Visit
Russian President Vladimir Putin called Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Motzoei Shabbos after the prime minister spent Shabbos in the resort city of ...

Putin slams ‘cancel culture’ and trans rights, calling teaching gender fluidity ‘crime against humanity’
The authoritarian leader has sought to portray himself as a symbol of virile masculinity while ramping up a state-led pressure campaign on sexual minorities in Russia.

Putin says new pipeline could quickly pump more gas to EU
Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday that Russia could quickly boost natural gas supplies to the European Union once German regulators allow a new pipeline under the Baltic Sea to start ...

Russia's Putin hosts Israeli PM Bennett
Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed hope that new Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett would continue in the footsteps of his predecessor in maintaining close and “trusting” relations wit ...

Putin Calls Trans Acceptance 'Crime Against Humanity'
The Russian president made the remark in a speech defending what he called the “spiritual values and historical traditions” of his country.

Putin rails against cancel culture and suggests teaching gender fluidity to kids is a 'crime against humanity'
Putin, who vies to project a macho image, has been condemned worldwide over his anti-LGBTQ policies and rhetoric.