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New York Architect Lars Buro Presents Villa Radii Oceanfront Home
Architectural designer Lars Buro gives us Villa Radii using classic geometry and symmetry to evoke a modern feel. The home appears to float as a concrete block sitting upon a glassed-in ...

Multi-scale habitat modelling and predicting change in the distribution of tiger and leopard using random forest algorithm
Tigers and leopards have experienced considerable declines in their population due to habitat loss and fragmentation across their historical ranges. Multi-scale habitat suitability models (HSM) can ...

Yes, Stephen Hawking Lied To Us All About How Black Holes Decay
Physicist and best-selling author Stephen Hawking presents a program in Seattle in 2012. Although he ... [+] The greatest idea of Stephen Hawking's scientific career truly revolutionized how we think ...

Injection Mold Design: Why Simulation is Essential
Newer, complex mold designs need simulation software to match. Autodesk has sponsored this post. Transient cooling of injection molds is complex. Advanced simulation makes it possible to resolve ...

Study determines fundamental parameters of the chemically peculiar star HD 108662
Astronomers have carried out a spectroscopic analysis of the atmosphere of a magnetic chemically peculiar star designated HD 108662. The study, described in a paper published June 29 on the arXiv ...

Possible Formation and Evolution Track of TOI-849B from Its Origins to Present Day (image)
The track is shown in the plane of semimajor axis in astronomical units (AU), that is the orbital distance from the star, on the x-axis, and the radius of the planet in units of jovian radii on the ...

Mike Norvell's Offers Reflect Tight End Role in His Offense
It's been a busy last few days for Florida State tight end recruiting, as just the other day the Seminoles made the top 10 for a 2021 prospect, while yesterday saw them extend an offer to a 2022 ...

AD: Bell Textron Inc.
SUMMARY: The FAA is adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) for Bell Textron Inc. (Bell) Model 214ST helicopters. This AD was prompted by the discovery of bolts with nonconforming external thread ...

Breakthrough in dark matter mystery as neutral hydrogen from other galaxies detected for first time
In a development that could finally shed light on dark matter, an international team of scientists have detected neutral hydrogen atoms, from a galaxy other than our own, for the very first time.

Nuclear War Simulation Is Not A Game To Win
To capture this fuller feeling of human impact, the simulation includes a population density grid, to render an impact not just in terms of blast radii, but in the deaths and injuries that can easily ...

Ericsson launches standalone 5G on existing hardware with a single software update
All Ericsson radio system equipment deployed since 2015 is capable of transitioning to standalone 5G New Radio starting now.