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News for Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Apologizes To Black Fraternity—The Latest Fashion Racial Blunder
Topline: Ralph Lauren apologized for appropriating a black fraternity’s symbols on a pair of pants that retail for over $300, making the American sportswear designer the latest in a series of ...

Ralph Lauren apologizes after using black fraternity symbol on $334 chinos
Ralph Lauren Corp. found itself in hot water after featuring a pair of chinos that included the letters of a black Greek organization for sale on its website. Now the company has issued an apology and ...

Ralph Lauren apologizes for using black fraternity symbol on pants
The Ralph Lauren Corp. has apologized for using a black fraternity's symbols on a pair of chinos following complaints, and said they are no longer available for sale. An ad for the pants on Ralph ...

A True Ralph Lauren Icon, Now on a Wrist Near You
Originally published by Stephen Pulvirent on Hodinkee. To celebrate the holiday season, Ralph Lauren has dropped three new watches featuring the brand's iconic Polo Bear motif. Each shows the bear in ...

Ralph Lauren Purple Label Men’s Fall 2020
Having stuck to his sartorial guns for so many years, even when many abandoned the traditional suit, the tie, and the tone-on-tone look in favor of laid-back fare, Ralph Lauren has come out blazing ...

Ralph Lauren (NYSE:RL) Shareholders Booked A 33% Gain In The Last Three Years
Investors can buy low cost index fund if they want to receive the average market return. But if you invest in individual stocks, some are likely to underperform. That's what has happened with the ...

Ralph Lauren Issues An Apology After Using Black Fraternity Phi Beta Sigma’s Greek Letters On A Pair Of Pants
Legendary brand Ralph Lauren has been supported by the Black community for many years, however, it found itself in hot water following the use of Black fraternity Phi Beta Sigma’s symbols on a pair of ...

Ralph Lauren Apologizes for Creating Chinos Using Black Greek Fraternity Symbols
The Ralph Lauren Corp. apologizes for using the Greek letters associated with a predominantly black fraternity on a pair of pants. The website Watch The Yard reported that Ralph Lauren was selling a ...

Ralph Lauren removes pants that jacked The Sigmas’ letters
Watch the Yard rallied Greek fraternity and other Divine 9 members to reach out to Ralph Lauren to get garment removed from their site.

Can Ralph Lauren (RL) Stock Sustain its Solid Run on Bourses?
strength in international markets and digital channels place it well for growth. Also, its 'Next Great Chapter' plan looks impressive.

This Ralph Lauren overcoat will make you feel 'like a rockstar' — and it's 59 percent off at Macy’s
Proving just this, the major retailer is offering an additional 15 percent off a widely popular Lauren Ralph Lauren Single-Breasted Reefer Coat, which was already discounted by 51 percent. The luxury ...