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News for Rangers

Rangers' Joey Gallo Unsure He Had COVID-19 After Conflicting Test Results
Texas Rangers outfielder Joey Gallo tested positive twice for COVID -19, but the power-hitting 26-year-old said he's unsure if he had the disease. "I wish I had an answer," he said Saturday per the ...

Let’s Experiment in EHM: Let’s Ruin the New York Rangers Part 2
The Eastside Hockey Manager experiment to ruin Our Hated Rivals, the New York Rangers, concludes with this post. How much damage was done to them? A lot. A whole lot of damage.

‘I wish I had an answer': Rangers OF Joey Gallo discusses return, uncertainty with COVID-19 diagnosis
For much of the first week of the Rangers’ summer camp, Joey Gallo would log onto Twitter from his apartment and see videos of his ...

Sunday's Scottish gossip: Leigh Griffiths, Shon Weissman, Rangers, Steven Naismith, Steven Gerrard
Celtic have made a move to sign 24-year-old Israeli striker Shon Weissman, according to Wolsferberg chairman Ditmar Riegler. Weissman has scored 37 goals in 40 games for the Austrian Bundesliga club.

Rangers' Gallo Excited to be Back, Details "Strange Process" After Testing Positive for COVID-19
Texas Rangers outfielder Joey Gallo is happy to be back with his teammates at Globe Life Field after being held out for two weeks for positive tests for COVID-19.

Rangers in good shape ahead of play-in series vs Hurricanes in NHL's return to action
The NHL is going to try to make a go of this restarting-the-season thing, opening training camps on Monday for the 24 teams that are returning to play, with the games set to resume Aug.1. And no team ...

These Rangers could have key roles in 2020
Left-hander Joe Palumbo opposed right-hander Kyle Gibson in the Rangers' intrasquad game on Friday. Gibson is expected to be one of the Rangers' five starters when the season opens. Palumbo? He is an ...

Texas Rangers’ Joey Gallo unsure he had COVID-19 despite MLB testing that said he did
The right fielder wants to play as many games the rest of Texas’ summer camp to make up for time lost while unable to participate.

2020 MLB Futures Odds: How many games will the Texas Rangers win?
How many games will the Texas Rangers win in the 60-game 2020 MLB season? We look at the Rangers‘ They also addressed their hole at third base by signing 3B Todd Frazier. At first base, they acquired ...

Rangers slugger Joey Gallo still isn't sure he had coronavirus
Rangers outfielder Joey Gallo says he doesn't know if he actually had the coronavirus despite two positive tests, since he never had any symptoms and also had multiple negative tests.

Gallo joins Rangers after missed week due to positive test
Star slugger Joey Gallo joined the Texas Rangers for the first time at summer camp Friday after missing the first week of workouts because he had tested positive ...

Scottish Gossip: Celtic, Rangers, Dundee United, Hearts, Hibs, Thistle
Dundee United, Raith Rovers and Cove Rangers are furious Hearts and Partick Thistle have "picked a fight" with them over their legal reconstruction battle. (Scottish Sun print edition) Hibs owner Ron ...