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San Clemente charges restaurants who choose to use public space for outdoor dining
The program, meant to support restaurants, will also raise money to expand trolley service in town beyond Labor Day and secure more public parking.

Somerset Street restaurants get more space to set up patios on weekends
Bars and restaurants have taken over a section of Somerset Street West this summer once again. From Thursday to Sunday, the stretch of Somerset Street from Bank to O’Connor streets turns into a ...

Restaurants welcome first weekend of customers since lifted COVID-19 restrictions
It's the first weekend where the city's final two COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted as of Friday at midnight.

Restaurants warned of overpayment scam by Better Business Bureau
The Better Business Bureau says there's an overpayment scam from about 10 years ago that is circling back and you could be their next target. Niagara Falls' Ghada Have It! Mediterranean Home Cooking ...

COVID: San Francisco Restaurants Prepare For Full Reopening; ‘We Will Not Be The Vaccine Police’
As the countdown continues to the state's lifting of COVID-19 restrictions on Tuesday, San Francisco restaurant owners are still a little nervous as they preparing for crowded dining rooms.

San Clemente keeps public space as an outdoors option for restaurants, but adds a fee
The program, meant to support restaurants, will also raise money to expand trolley service in town beyond Labor Day and secure more public parking.

Like Eating Out? How Restaurants Are Assuring Consumer Loyalty After Pandemic Gains
In an effort to keep some of the gains they made during the COVID-19 pandemic, several restaurant chains are rolling out consumer loyalty programs to entice customers to keep dining with them.

Just a fraction of Connecticut restaurants got help from a federal fund before it was depleted. Congress may add $60 billion more
On Thursday a bipartisan bill was introduced in Congress to add $60 billion to the Restaurant Revitalization Fund, a $28.6 billion fund established in March that already has received requests for $75 ...

Police: 'Crawling Burglar' Wormed Way Into Many Restaurants
Police say they've nabbed a man they call “the crawling burglar" for crawling through windows of metro Atlanta restaurants and then slithering across the floor to avoid motion detectors.

British Restaurants Are Battling a Staff Crisis, Worsened by Brexit
A shortage of workers is forcing restaurants to turn away eager customers and confront a bigger problem: how to make hospitality an industry where people want to work.

Ransomware Attack Roiled Meat Giant JBS, Then Spilled Over to Farmers and Restaurants
The hack set off a domino effect that drove up wholesale meat prices, backed up animals in barns and forced food distributors to hurriedly search for new suppliers.