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News for Restaurants

Restaurants in Much of NY Get Green Light for Outdoor Dining
New York will start to allow outdoor dining at restaurants as soon as Thursday in much of the state outside of New York City and its suburbs as coronavirus restrictions ease.

Worcester reopening: City waives fees for restaurants to offer sidewalk dining during Phase 2
Worcester City Manager Edward Augustus Jr. on Wednesday signed an executive order that creates an expedited process for restaurants to apply for a permit for outdoor dining.

Sanitizing equipment a focus for restaurants, suppliers say
Restaurant suppliers in the region have been working with customers to outfit their facilities to operate under the new conditions sparked by Covid-19. "Restaurants in Milwaukee a ...

CT restaurants press for June 10 resumption of indoor seating
Some 550 businesses signed a petition by the Connecticut Restaurant Association, including companies operating nearly 40 restaurants in New Haven and 30 in Stamford.

Restaurants across the country support protesters with donations, food and supplies
Their storefronts might be vandalized or shut down due to the pandemic, but many restaurant owners are committed to supporting demonstrators.

Long Island restaurants gearing up for Phase Two outdoor dining after coronavirus shutdowns
Several Long Island restaurant owners cheered Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo's announcement that outdoor dining will be permitted in Phase Two of the state's reopening from the coronavirus shutdown. That means ...

One Month Into a Reopened Economy, Georgia’s Restaurants Are Still Making Tough Choices
Well, we’re doing about 15, 20 percent of what we were doing,” Schoenbaum says, “but it’s going to take time.” Four days earlier, on May 1, Ray’s was among the first restaurants to resume dine-in ...

Cleveland City Council OKs seating in streets, parking lots to help restaurants, bars rebound from coronavirus shutdowns
Mayor Frank Jackson's administration will draw up guidelines for creating temporary expansion areas to allow more tables while maintaining social distancing.

Outside dining for restaurants OK'd to start Thursday
Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday that area eateries could resume table service for outdoor dining as soon as Thursday, nearly two weeks sooner than expected. "We are continuously evaluating activities ...

Restaurants, food delivery services still operating during curfews
With protests happening nationwide against police brutality in response to George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, city officials have put curfews in place to take caution against looting and violence.

A Dad's Adorable Review Of His Daughter's Play Kitchen Draws Attention to Black-Owned Restaurants
Depending on who you follow on social media, you might have seen some circulating information about Black-owned restaurants and businesses worth supporting in your area over the past few days. It’s a ...

How to support black-owned restaurants in Chicago
Community organizers offer databases of black-owned restaurants. And some restaurants in Chicago have temporarily closed and asked their customers to shop at black-owned restaurants.