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Ring's entire approach to its bevy of connected home security products is centered around helping you feel safe at home. They're all aimed at providing peace of mind.

Ring Project Mixes Diamonds and Designers
Called Ten/Ten, the project marks the first time Blue Nile has offered a bridal collection from fine jewelry designers who don’t customarily work in the category. The all-female designer roster ...

WWE News: Sting Announces Ring Return By Joining AEW; Role Remains Unclear
Sting makes the jump to AEW AEW signs Sting to a multi-year deal Sting's in-ring participation remains unclear All Elite Wrestling (AEW) continues to add big names to its roster, but its latest ...

Gwen Stefani’s Engagement Ring Is Even More Impressive Than We Ever Imagined
Quality photos of Gwen Stefani's geometric engagement ring are finally here. Take a good look at the gorgeous diamond that Blake Shelton picked up for his fiancée.

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Dear Abby: Ring presented at engagement ceremony is unhappy surprise
DEAR ABBY: When my then-boyfriend asked me to marry him, he didn't have a ring ready, but I happily accepted his proposal. We were in our late 20s and had been dating for almost 10 years. He then took ...

'Elden Ring' Release Date, Reason For Delay And Other Details Leaked
FromSoftware released the announcement trailer of "Elden Ring" at the E3 2019, and has been quiet about the game since then.

O.C. mortuary transport employee accused of stealing deceased woman’s jewelry; police return ring to family
A Downey man is suspected of stealing a deceased woman’s ring while working for an Orange County company transporting her body earlier this year, authorities said Thursday. Riverside Police ...

Olympic Ring Display Reappears in Tokyo, a Sign of Hope
The five Olympic rings are back in Tokyo Bay. They were removed for maintenance four months ago shortly after the Tokyo Olympics were postponed until next year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The ...

Wedding ring found five years after being lost on British beach
Officials in southern England said a platinum wedding ring found on an area beach was returned to its owner, who revealed the precious item had been lost five years earlier.

There’s Still Hope If You, A Dummy, Didn’t Pick The Providential Ring In Demon’s Souls
Did you start the Demon’s Souls remake without choosing the new Providential Ring as your starting gift? Well, first off, you really should have read my beginner’s tips! Lucky for you, the Souls ...