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Golden Gloves returns to the ring after tragic Boxing Weekend death
Golden Gloves returns to the ring after tragic Boxing Weekend death Knoxville’s Golden Gloves franchise returned to the ring this weekend for the 85th annual East Tennessee Golden Gloves Tournament, marking the first time that the organization has hosted ...

New York's Own 'The Narrowbacks' Ring In St. Paddy's Day
Seamus Keane is the band's frontman, and says they've been playing together since 2011. They'll be playing at the Bowery Ballroom at 6 pm Saturday.

Jon Bravo Lacks Substantial Evidence, Claims Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns Were Part Of Steroid Ring
Filmmaker Jon Bravo and Richard Rodriguez, the currently jailed alleged steroid dealer and former owner of Iron Addicts Gym in Miami, are back with more serious allegations directed toward WWE’s Roman Reigns in addition to 11 additional current and ...

Roman Reigns Addresses Recent Steroid Ring Allegations
As noted, Roman Reigns appeared on The Jim & Sam Show today to promote tonight's WWE live event at Madison Square Garden. During the interview, Reigns was asked about jailed steroids dealer Richard Rodriguez implicating him as a former client of his.

Answer your doorbell from anywhere with Ring's $199 Video Doorbell Pro
Keep in mind, to use the Video Doorbell Pro properly you will need to have an existing hardwired doorbell in the place you want to install this one. Installation is super simple and only takes a few minutes once you get started. Ring includes a variety of ...

Here’s Why Mandy Moore Didn’t Want a Big Engagement Ring
Paris Hilton and Cardi B may be all about their bold engagement rings (check out Hilton’s 20-carat stunner!), but for This Is Us star Mandy Moore, bigger didn’t equate to better. As the actress, who debuted her dainty Irene Neuwirth rock on the red ...

New study: Liquid ring vacuum pump market report
The Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Market report offers majority of the latest and newest industry data that covers the overall market situation along with future Assessment. The Global Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Market research 2018 exploring the current market ...

Let Freedom Ring Festival to bring back colonial American life Saturday
Gwinnett County residents will have a chance to kick it 1776-style in Lawrenceville next weekend. The county will partner with the Gwinnett Historical society, the Button Gwinnett Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution and the Philadelphia Winn ...

Here's The Story Behind Mandy Moore's Engagement Ring
Mandy Moore recently shared the real story behind her engagement ring. Her fiancé, Taylor Goldsmith, gave it to her last fall. During a recent interview, the A Walk to Remember actress said that she is not really fond of wearing jewelry. This is why she ...

Over a hundred people taken into custody at SWAR cockfighting ring
Multiple agencies are on the scene of an illegal cockfighting ring in Sevier County, just north of DeQueen. Authorities at the scene say that over a hundred people, including spectators, are being taken into custody to be charged. Some dead birds have been ...