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News for Rockstar

Madilyn Bailey chooses what song to cover - 'Bodak Yellow' 'God's Plan' or 'Rockstar' | 1 Has 2 Go
Madilyn Bailey takes on this edition of 1 Has 2 Go choosing which artists song she'd prefer to cover.

Want to be a rockstar? Obey, in collaboration with Blondie's Debbie Harry, can lend you the tools
The Debbie Harry x Obey collection will be available in limited quantities at a one-day-only pop-up on 28 March Where would Britney Spears be without her itty-bitty bra tops? Would Michael Jackson's success be equally smashing sans single white glove ...

2018 FICAP 'Who Wants to be a Rockstar' raises over $300k
Research analyst by day, Rockstar by night. George Hadja from Montgomery Investment Management took home the coveted 2018 Rockstar of the Year Award at an industry fundraiser organised by the Finance Industry Community Aid Program (FICAP) in Sydney last night.

Argo Gold sells Rockstar property in Ontario
Just a month after selling its South Wawa gold property, Toronto-based Argo Gold (CSE: ARQ) announced that it is selling its Rockstar Gold Property to Manitou Gold (TSXV: MTU). Rockstar is located in Ontario's Sault Ste. Marie Mining Division, 50 ...

Rockstar Actress Sanjana Sanghi Signed For The Fault In Our Stars Remake Opposite Sushant Singh Rajput!
After the months of guessing game and speculations, the wait is over! Fox Star Studios and Mukesh Chhabra have finally zeroed in on a beautiful girl, Rockstar actress Sanjana Sanghi in the Hindi adaptation of the Hollywood blockbuster, The Fault In Our ...

Manitou Gold Signs Binding Agreement to Acquire Goudreau-Lochalsh “Rockstar” Property
SUDBURY, Ontario, March 21, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Manitou Gold Inc. (TSX-V:MTU) (the “Company” or “Manitou”) announces that it has entered into a binding purchase agreement with Argo Gold Inc. (the “Vendor”) to purchase the property known as ...

Rockstar Hot Dizzy is Back with His Outstanding Rapping Style
(MENAFN Editorial) Indianapolis, Mar 22, 2018 ( Issuewire.com ) -Hot Dizzy has always experimented something new based on hip hop genre. If you want to get something extremely original in music, then click on to the soundcloud profile of this rising star.

Humble Bundle Hosting Huge Rockstar Games Sale, Get Grand Theft Auto V and More For Cheap
Like clockwork, Humble Bundle has once again teamed up with a major publisher for a sale on hit PC games – and this time, it’s a doozy. Rockstar Games is offering up several of its hit titles for sale over the next few days, and it’s an ideal ...

Manitou, Argo rise on Rockstar deal
Manitou said the property was within the Goudreau-Localsh Deformation Zone, an area containing former mines and attracting exploration and development activity, including Argonaut Gold's Magino gold project to the west. "This new project will significantly ...

Rockstar Announces GTA Online Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series Offering New Game Modes and Cars
Rockstar Games has announced a series of big new racing updates for GTA V’s online mode – the GTA Online Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series. Starting today, a new racing mode called The Hotring Circuit is being added to GTA Online alongside five ...