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‘Power player’ Joe Roman’s retirement from Greater Cleveland Partnership signals another end for old guard civic leaders
Anyone with a big project proposed for Cleveland must go through Joe Roman. The president and CEO of the Greater Cleveland Partnership – a chamber of commerce with more than 12,000 members – amassed ...

Portland native Rico Roman reminisces on winning gold at the Paralympics
Rico Roman is a true American hero. The 39-year old Portland native lost functionality of his left leg due to an explosion from a roadside bomb while serving a third tour in Iraq in 2007. "I remember ...

‘Succession’ Star J. Smith-Cameron on How Improv With Kieran Culkin Started the Gerri-Roman Relationship
Cameron and Kieran Culkin — who have known each other for years — improvised a cheeky, flirtatious banter at the conclusion of a scene. It ...

Duke Offers Versatile 2021 Back Roman Hemby
Duke offered three-star 2021 running back Roman Hemby. The versatile Hemby also plays free safety and return man for Bel Air, Maryland's John Carroll High.

New method solves old mystery: Hafnium isotopes clinch origin of high-quality Roman glass
While its fragility and beauty is fascinating in itself, geochemical studies of invisible tracers can reveal more than what meets the eye. In a new international collaboration study from the Danish ...

Roman Reigns Boasts He's the Most Important WWE Royal Rumble Competitor of All Time
Roman Reigns might currently not be on WWE 's television programming due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but he's still getting a ton of attention from fans by boasting that he believes he might be ...

Roman Reigns: I Am WWE’s ‘Biggest Star’ Despite Lengthy TV Absence
WWE star Roman Reigns firmly believes that he is the company's biggest star despite his lengthy absence from TV due to Covid-19 concerns.

Jack Mueller vs Roman Bravo-Young added to Flowrestling's July 25th Card
Make that four matches on July 25th. FloWrestling is very excited to announce that Jack Mueller and Roman Bravo-Young have signed to wrestle on the undercard before Dake vs. Chamizo. This matchup was ...

The Next Gen Of Ecommerce: Meet Roman Cresto, The 20-Year-Old Entrepreneur Breaking Ecommerce Records
The rise of ecommerce has made some entrepreneurs millions, but it has also created a wave of knock-off teachers promising the world to their unsuspecting clients. Having already generated millions in ...

Ohio Roman Catholic Priest Indicted On Federal Child Pornography Charges
An Ohio Roman Catholic priest has been indicted in federal court on sexual exploitation and child pornography charges.

Astronomy in Space: From Hubble to Roman
Thirty years ago, the U.S. launched the famous Hubble Space Telescope, whose unique design allowed astronauts to repair and upgrade it in space using advanced technology. It is one of the NASA’s ...

Roman Joseph Steciw
North Liberty Roman Joseph Steciw of North Liberty died peacefully Tuesday, June 30, 2020, at Keystone Place surrounded by family. Military honors will be cond ...