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News for Romania

Romania - Factors to watch on June 24
Here are news stories, press reports and events to watch which may affect Romanian financial markets on Wednesday.

‘World’s Best Forger’ of Plastic Banknotes Nabbed in Romania
The gang’s leader “managed to produce the best forgeries in Romania’s history and become the best counterfeiter of plastic banknotes in the world.” The polymer bills, introduced in 1999, are a source ...

Romania reports record high coronavirus infection numbers
Romania reported its highest number of daily infections with the new coronavirus in two months on Thursday, as it prepares to assess a new phase of relaxation next week.

Extra Crunch expands into Romania
Extra Crunch is now live in Romania. That adds to our existing support in Europe as we are already in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and the U.K. There’s been ...

Romania aims to sell 5.34 bln lei debt in July -finmin
Romania's finance ministry plans to sell domestic debt worth 5.34 billion lei ($1.24 billion) in July, including 540 million lei at non-competitive tenders, it said on Monday.

Romania Producer Prices Fall Most Since 2016
Romania's producer prices declined at the fastest pace in nearly four years in May, data from the National Institute of Statistics ...

Millions Dodged Wirecard Wipeout in Close Shave for NN Romania
Romania’s largest pension fund disposed of its stake in Wirecard AG weeks before the scandal around the payment company broke, a narrow escape for 2 million Romanians already reeling from the economic ...

Iran says Romania has not shared details of death of fugitive judge
Iran says that Romanian officials have not shared any information about the death in their country of fugitive judge Gholamreza Mansouri.

A New Gender Identity Law Could Be Disastrous for Trans Youth in Romania
Two senators from Romania’s Popular Movement Party recently drafted a law that will make talking about gender identity in schools and universities illegal. Specifically, the law bans "any activity ...

Suicide Or Murder? The Mysterious Death Of A Fugitive Iranian Judge In Romania
In the days since his demise, those raising questions about the circumstances of his death have included a leading prosecutor in Iran, Mansouri’s own lawyer George Paşalică, international human rights ...

Iranian judge in Romania died of impact from fall, autopsy says
An Iranian fugitive judge whose body was found in a hotel in Romania last week died of the impact from a fall, a Romanian autopsy said. Gholamreza Mansouri, 52, had fled corruption charges in Iran ...

Romania Leads the Way in Unibet Poker European Bounty Cup
Unibet Poker players from across Europe have been enjoying the bounty tournament action and international rivalries present in the Unibet Poker European Bounty Cup, that offers players the chance to ...