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Julia Letlow remembers her late husband, Luke Letlow, who died of COVID in December and explains why she’s decided to run for his House seat.

Antarctica Is Running Out of Wilderness
The continent is crammed with “ghost” stations—just one sign of how this empty, icy place is becoming more crowded.

The Best Running Backpacks For Hauling the Essentials
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5 running backs for Eagles to target in free agency
The Eagles are in a tricky salary cap situation as free agency approaches, so don’t expect them to make any big splashes. With that in mind, for this series we’ll look at some cheaper options as the ...

Bank of America has promoted Laura Chepucavage to global markets leadership team, running financing and futures desk
Chepucavage joins the senior ranks of the firm's sales and trading division, which was retooled this summer when Jim DeMare was appointed president.

Court docs: Middletown mom tried to abandon 6-year-old son in park before running him over with car
A 6-year-old reported missing from Middletown was killed and thrown in the Ohio River, Middletown police said Sunday night. His mother is charged with murder.

Will Smith Isn’t Ruling Out Running for President 'at Some Point Down the Line'
"I will certainly do my part, whether it remains artistic or at some point ventures into the political arena," the actor said during an episode of the Pod Save America podcast Monday ...

Nigerian founders-turned-investors are now running syndicate funds
The Future Africa Fund kicked off in 2015 when Iyinoluwa Aboyeji and Nadayar Enegesi, co-founders of U.S.-based and African-focused talent company Andela, wrote checks to African startups as angel ...

Fintech firm Square is now running its own bank
Square, the financial payments firm run by Jack Dorsey, launched an in-house bank that it says will allow it to "operate more nimbly" in an increasingly crowded fintech market.

An exodus is under way at Goldman Sachs. Here's a running list of all the big names jumping ship and where they're heading.
From the co-head of the global investment banking division to the co-head of asset management, these are the big names leaving Goldman Sachs behind.

European Corporate Emissions Are Running Too ‘Hot,’ Report Says
For all the talk of tackling climate change and supporting the goals of the Paris climate agreement, European companies are on a path toward catastrophic global warming.

Irish factory activity grows for second month running in February: PMI
Ireland's manufacturing sector grew slightly for the second straight month in February after a big dip at the start of the year as Brexit and a third COVID-19 lockdown of the economy hit output and ...