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News for Running

Eagles post-draft depth at running back is encouraging
If Howard returns to form, the Eagles are looking at more than just a nice complementary player. They’re getting a powerful back who has proved he can thrive as a workhorse (wit ...

Why is Caitlyn Jenner running this particular campaign?
Jenner is a former Olympian whose fame expanded thanks to her family’s reality show, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” In 2015, Jenner announced publicly that she is trans, making her probably the ...

How Brex’s co-founders went from teens hacking iPhones and video games to running a $7 billion start-up
The founders of Brex were both tech prodigies as Brazilian teens. Now in their early 20s, their dream is to 'build one company and work on it for, like, 30 years.' ...

Caitlyn Jenner on running for California governor
Caitlyn Jenner's biography is unique in U.S. politics, transitioning from Olympic champion to reality TV star to candidate for governor of California.

Gleyber Torres scoring from first on an infield single is the heads-up base-running play of the year
The New York Yankees shortstop caught the entire Houston Astros infield sleeping in the bottom of the eighth on Thursday.

The 7 Republicans running to be Virginia’s governor, in their own words
The Virginian-Pilot asked Republican candidates running for governor the following question: Democrats will control the Senate for the first two years of your tenure, and they could maintain control ...

Inside the 49ers: Is running back Trey Sermon on path to instant impact?
Running back Trey Sermon was a surprise third-round pick by the 49ers but comes from heralded programs at Oklahoma and Ohio State.

Ted Cruz's former running mate says he's been corrupted by Trump
US Senator Ted Cruz 's former running-mate can barley recognise the Texan lawmaker anymore. During the Senator's 2016 presidential primary bid, he took the unorthodox move of naming a running-mate ...

Police seek help identifying man 'frantically' running after Devil's Lake stabbing homicide
The Sauk County Sheriff’s Office is asking for help from the public to identify a man who was seen “frantically” running “out of control” after a stabbing death in October ...

Martinez Johnson running for Santa Fe mayor
Alexis Martinez Johnson, who ran as the Republican Party candidate in the race for the 3rd Congressional District, said she plans to file paperwork to register as a mayoral candidate on Thursday.

Analysis: with seven eligible options, who will earn a role in UW’s running back rotation?
UW's seven scholarship running backs can't all contribute against Montana on Sept. 4. So which running backs are most likely to earn a spot in the rotation? Let's take a peek at the pecking order as ...

Connecticut senators vote to block deceptive advertising by crisis pregnancy centers in long-running clash over abortion
In a long-running battle over abortion, the state Senate voted Wednesday for ending deceptive advertising by faith-based crisis pregnancy centers. The emotional issue has caused clashes for the past ...