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News for Russia

Ex-U.S. Marine detained in Russia on spy charges urges world leaders to intervene
A former U.S. Marine held by Russia on espionage charges urged President Trump and other world leaders to "intervene quickly" as his detention was upheld by a Moscow court on Tuesday. The Moscow City ...

Two labs in the world keep a live smallpox sample. The one in Russia just had an explosion
An explosion sparked a fire Monday at a Russian biological research center known for being one of two places in the world that holds live samples of the smallpox virus. A gas cylinder exploded on the ...

Russia and Poland are sniping at each other on Twitter over who actually invaded Poland in WWII
Sure, the invasion of Poland happened 80 years ago, but that doesn't mean Russia and Poland can't still fight about it on Twitter.

Russia's Foreign Ministry to Summon Acting North Korean Ambassador: RIA
MOSCOW — Russia's Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday it will summon North Korea's top diplomatic representative in Moscow following the detention of North Korean vessels by Russia in the Sea of Japan, ...

Russia detains over 80 North Korean sailors in Sea of Japan: agencies
MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia’s FSB security service said on Tuesday it had detained over 80 North Korean citizens in Russian territorial waters in the Sea of Japan, during an incident in which two ...

Russia frees American teen convicted of "attempting to import" prescription marijuana
Moscow — A court in St. Petersburg released a young American woman from prison on Monday after she spent more than a month behind bars on a drug charge. Audrey Lorber was released from custody after ...

Russia holds 80 North Koreans on 'poaching' boats
Russian coastguards have seized two North Korean boats and more than 80 crew members. Russia says the ships were engaged in illegal fishing off its coast, and that one of the vessels launched an ...

Corey Lewandowski clashes with Democrats at impeachment hearing over Russia investigation
President Trump’s first campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, quickly clashed on Tuesday with Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee who are considering whether to impeach the president over ...

Russia, Iran, Turkey say Syrian constitution committee ready
ANKARA, Turkey — The leaders of Turkey, Russia and Iran announced Monday that an agreement has been finally reached on the composition of a committee tasked with rewriting Syria’s constitution as part ...

Russia to Discuss Selling New Anti-Drone Weapons to Middle East Partners: Ifax
MOSCOW — Russia will hold talks with its Middle East partners on selling them new anti-drone weapons systems, Interfax news agency cited Russian state arms exporter Rosoboronexport saying on Tuesday.

Russia and robots: Steel junk or a brave new world?
Russia likes to boast of its robots - but at the same time it seems to have a somewhat troubled relationship with them. It has endured a series of very public robotic mishaps, but all is not lost.

Russia detains two North Korean vessels after attack: TASS
MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian border guards detained two North Korean racketeering vessels in Russian territorial waters in the Sea of Japan after one of them attacked a Russian patrol ship, the TASS ...