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News for Russian

New Administration Memo Seeks to Foster Doubts About Suspected Russian Bounties
Criticized for its inaction, the Trump administration commissioned a new look at a months-old intelligence assessment. It emphasizes gaps.

A Russian billionaire wants to buy some of America's controversial statues
Billionaire businessman Andrey Filatov's foundation, which collects Soviet-era art, has offered to buy controversial American statues of Theodore Roosevelt and Alexander Baranov, saying that both ...

Talking Horses: Russian Emperor to outstay the favourite for Derby glory
If Serpentine goes hard enough to make this a true test, Russian Emperor is fancied to make his powerful finish count at Epsom ...

Here’s how a normal administration would have handled the Russian bounty intel
We define “normal” as what would have occurred in the six administrations that one or both of us worked within.

Discussion of Russian bounties thrusts deaths of three Marines into spotlight
A sedan packed with explosives blew up as the Marines rolled alongside of it, mangling their mine-resistant vehicle. Support our journalism. Subscribe today. The Taliban released a photo of the ...

Ukraine ex-leader Poroshenko sees 'Russian fifth column' in power
Ex-president Petro Poroshenko tells the BBC Russia is influencing President Zelensky.

Russian Orthodox Church Defrocks Coronavirus-Denying Monk
The Russian Orthodox Church has defrocked a coronavirus-denying monk who has defied Kremlin lockdown orders and taken control of a monastery.

Coronavirus-denying Father Sergiy expelled by Russian Church
There have been complaints of child abuse at the convent under Fr Sergiy's leadership, and the Church court called for a thorough investigation of the allegations by the Russian a ...

A polling station that was observed records low turnout in Russian vote
Some voters who took part in a referendum that paves the way for President Vladimir Putin to extend his rule over Russia said they had been asked by their employers to do so, and to provide evidence ...

Boris Johnson's rebranded RAF jet in Russian plane alert
A plane used by Boris Johnson and the royal family has supported fighter jets in a Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) incident off north west Scotland. The Voyager was rebranded with the Union flag to "better ...

Russian health minister sees no return to normal life before next February
Russia's health minister said on Friday that life was unlikely to return to normal until next February at the earliest, with thousands of new cases of the new coronavirus still being reported every ...