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Ransomware’s suspected Russian roots point to a long detente between the Kremlin and hackers
The relationship between the Russian government and ransomware criminals allegedly operating from within the country is expected to be a point of tension between President Biden and Russia’s Vladimir ...

Russian COVID-19 Cases Spike 47% in a Week
Russia's national coronavirus taskforce reports that the country's tally of daily new infections has risen by almost half over the past week and more than doubled in Moscow.

No joint press conference for Putin and Biden: Joe REFUSES to stand next to Russian president
President Joe Biden will hold a solo press conference after his meeting with Vladimir Putin next week, denying the Russian president the opportunity to stand by him.

Russian President Vladimir Putin says relations with US at lowest point in years
"We have a bilateral relationship that has deteriorated to its lowest point in recent years," Vladimir Putin said in an interview. He is scheduled to meet US President Joe Biden next week in Geneva.

Russian court outlaws opposition leader Navalny’s groups
A Moscow court on Wednesday night outlawed the organizations founded by Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny by labeling them extremist, the latest move in a campaign to silence dissent and bar ...

Lisbon mayor criticized after Russian dissident data shared
The mayor of Lisbon has come under fire after admitting that municipal employees shared with Russian officials personal details of at least three Lisbon-based dissidents who organized protests in ...

Russian court outlaws Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny's organizations
A Russian court has outlawed the political movement of jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny as an "extremist" organization, attracting the condemnation of Western nations.

In Shadow of Navalny Case, What’s Left of the Russian Opposition?
Russian domestic politics took a flint-hard turn this year and much of the opposition leadership is now in exile or prison.

Russian Media Mocks Louie Gohmert's Comments About Altering the Orbit of the Moon
The Republican congressman asked a National Forest Service representative if the moon's orbit could be adjusted to address climate change.

G7 partners aware of Russian "disruptive activities", Michel says
Group of Seven leaders meeting in Britain on Thursday will focus on Russian efforts to undermine Western unity, European Council President Charles Michel said.

'Your World' on Biden's response to Russian cyberattacks, future of infrastructure deal
The president will be making a great deal of stops and a great deal of important meetings, including with the queen of England. Of course, this will be her 14th meeting with a U.S. president dating ...

The Latest: Russian COVID-19 cases spike 47% in a week
MOSCOW — Russia’s national coronavirus taskforce reports the country’s tally of daily new infections has risen by almost half over the past week and more than doubled in Moscow. It says there were 13, ...