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News for Rutile

Water main break washes out parts of road in Ponte Vedra Beach
Corona Road, which runs between State Road A1A and Ponte Vedra Boulevard, is closed between Rutile and Lemaster drives. JEA technicians shut the flow of water, and St. Johns County road and bridge crews are headed to the scene to assess the damage and ...

Facile formation of mesoporous structured mixed-phase (anatase/rutile) TiO2 with enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity
A new mixed-phase (anatase/rutile) TiO2 with mesoporous structures and smaller crystal size (3–5 nm) was successfully synthesized by a facile sol–gel method at a lower calcination temperature (100 °C). Rhodamine B can be completely decomposed in the ...

Proactive weekly news highlights - Sirius Minerals , Kibo Mining, Oracle Power, Goldplat and more
Base produces ilmenite, zircon and rutile from the Kwale mine in Kenya and a combination of two bulk rutile sales and higher zircon prices increased the average revenue per tonne to a record US$323 per tonne (US$271) in the three months to December.

Iluka offer for Sierra Rutile overbid
Iluka Resources' planned purchase price of Sierra Rutile has been overbid in the sharemarket with investors pushing the share price of the target ahead of the price the Australian company has signalled it is willing to pay. Iluka said it has approached ...

Former Sierra Rutile CEO denies bribery claims
PERTH (miningweekly.com) – Sierra Leone Presidential candidate and former CEO of Sierra Rutile John Sisay has denied allegations that he was involved in bribery to secure mining licences in the African nation. Reports emerged this week alleging that ...

Road closed in Ponte Vedra Beach after water main break
Corona Road, which runs between State Road A1A and Ponte Vedra Boulevard is shutdown between Rutile Drive and Lemaster Drive. St. Johns County Road & Bridge crews are en route to assess damage and begin repairs, Fire Rescue said.

INTERVIEW-Sierra Rutile aims to be world No. 1 in three years
FREETOWN, April 4 (Reuters) - Twelve years after rebels attacked its mine, kidnapped workers and forced it to close, Sierra Rutile has set its sights on becoming the world’s top rutile producer. Sierra Leone is best known for the diamonds that fuelled ...

Kenmare reports record output
StockMarketWire.com - Kenmare Resources reports record production of ilmenite, rutile and zircon in 2017. Ilmenite production increased 11% to 998,200 tonnes and zircon output increased 9% to 74,000 tonnes. Total shipments of finished products rose by 2% ...

Iluka confirms $375m Sierra Rutile takeover
Iluka Resources has confirmed the $375 million takeover of London-listed, Africa-focused miner Sierra Rutile. The company will offer 36 pence cash for each Sierra Rutile share, valuing the company at about £215 million (A$375 million). The target’s ...