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News for Samurai Sword

Man Convicted Of Murder In Samurai Sword Attack
A Sacramento man has been convicted of a 2018 murder for cutting and stabbing a man with whats been described as a "decorative samurai sword." The district attorney's office says Michael Womack chased ...

Terrifying moment thug, 32, armed with Samurai sword faces down police and motorists after 'attacking two men in attempted murder bid' - before he's blasted with Taser and arrested
The man was taken into custody and arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. Those injured in the Samurai sword attack in Crawley were taken to hospital with serious injuries.

Man Wielding Samurai Sword Shot and Killed After Lunging at DeKalb Police: Authorities
Police in DeKalb shot and killed a man who approached officers with a Samurai Sword and pointed the weapon at them early Monday, authorities said.

North Highlands Man Convicted Of Killing Foster Brother With Samurai Sword
A Sacramento County man is facing up to life in prison after he was found guilty of murdering his foster brother with a samurai sword.

Man charged with attempted murder after Samurai sword stand-off
A man has been charged with attempted murder after two men suffered serious injuries. An individual brandishing a samurai-style sword was seen in a stand-off with police on Friday evening. People in ...

DeKalb man dead after threatening police with samurai sword
A DeKalb man is dead after police said he threatened officers with a weapon. The incident happened around 2:45 a.m. Monday at a house on Tilton Park Drive.

Sacramento man convicted in North Highlands murder cut victim with samurai sword
A Sacramento man has been convicted of murder after cutting and stabbing a man with a “decorative samurai sword” in 2018, prosecutors said. A jury on Oct. 18 found Michael Womack, 57, guilty of second ...

DeKalb police shoot, kill man armed with Samurai Sword
The DeKalb Police Department says they received a call around 2:45 a.m. Monday for domestic disturbance in the 100 block of Tilton Park Dr.

Moment maniac with samurai sword faces down cops after ‘attacking couple in depraved attempted murder’
THIS is the moment a maniac with a samurai sword faced down cops after allegedly attacking a couple before he was stopped with a Taser. Cops raced to the scene in Crawley shortly after 7.30pm on ...

Snowy, Slick Conditions Pose Dangers For Drivers On I-80
The storm has made the surface of the freeway slick, posing a hazard for some drivers who are pulling over just to wait it out.

Sacramento Opens Storm Centers For Homeless This Weekend
With the coming storm, Sacramento City and County are opening several storm centers, combined with other efforts, to protect unsheltered citizens from the torrential rainfall.