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News for Scissors

Bale's scissors kick gives Madrid third-straight Champions League title
KIEV, Ukraine (AFP) — Gareth Bale came off the bench to score twice, including one of the all-time great goals in a Champions League final, as Real Madrid beat Liverpool 3-1 in Kiev yesterday to take the trophy for the third year running. Bale's jaw ...

Connecticut high school baseball game decided by a game of rock-paper-scissors
In the bottom of the 11th, with a place in the Southern Connecticut Conference tournament semifinal on the line, North Haven’s Luca Lawrence reared back and delivered across home plate. Scissors sliced paper, and Lawrence’s team won. When a ...

Connecticut high school baseball teams try to settle playoff game with rock-paper-scissors
This is phenomenal: Because rain on the East Coast this weekend delayed the start of their conference playoffs, a pair of Connecticut high school baseball teams attempted to settle their first-round matchup with a high-stakes, 11-round matchup of rock ...

Pumpkin Scissors: Complete Collection Part 2 Anime DVD Review
A ceasefire is suddenly called between the Royal Empire and the Republic of Frost. Three years later, the lower class of the Empire faces starvation, many of the military units have turned into petty bandits, and those in power are corrupted by greed.

Books, Reincarnation, and Sexy Authors: A Case for Dog & Scissors
The only thing better than some light summer reading is some all-seasons anime viewing! But just as it's difficult to judge a book by its cover, it's also hard to tell at a glance if an anime is a good fit for all fans. Each week “Cruising the Crunchy ...

Conn. baseball playoff decided by rock-paper-scissors ... if a commissioner lets it stand
It may be the most epic baseball playoff matchup in history, and it didn’t even involve a pitch. As reported by GametimeCT.com, a Southern Connecticut Conference baseball quarterfinal between Amity and North Haven was postponed due to weather, but still ...

Man hilariously catches his rebellious dog with a pair of scissors
We thought we only had to worry about kids running with scissors. Redditor l1zardr0ckets shared a video of his energetic mini-Australian shepherd named Blue, who somewhow got ahold of some scissors. Blue clearly had no intention of returning them.

No cuts and an A rating: How Deadpool survived the CBFC's scissors
When 'Deadpool' hit the cinema screens in 2016, it was a superhero film unlike any other before it. The film had abundant doses of severed limbs, body parts flying about, plenty of blood and gore, and jokes about human genitalia were a dime a dozen.

A baseball tournament game in Connecticut was decided with rock-paper-scissors
Well, this is one way to decide an elimination game when the weather won’t cooperate. Two high school baseball teams in Connecticut — North Haven and Amity — decided the outcome of a tournament game that was delayed multiple times due to rain with a ...