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News for Seiko Watch

The first Grand Seiko boutique opens in Beverly Hills
Since its creation in 1960, Grand Seiko has made a distinct and innovative contribution to the luxury watch market, with hand-made timepieces of the very highest levels of precision and refinement. Today, the world of Grand Seiko comes to Beverly Hills.

Epson ProSense Connected Fitness Watches
Epson are a division of the Seiko Group, and have combined their skill in developing in-house, power-efficient components with the watch design chops and distribution network of Seiko Holdings Corp – who exist laterally to Epson in the group's structure ...

A Concise History of the Quartz Watch Revolution
The first salvo of the quartz watch revolution was fired in the last week of the 1960s. On December 25, in Tokyo, Seiko introduced the Astron, the world’s first quartz wristwatch. It was a limited edition of 100 gold-case watches, priced at ¥450,000 ...

Affordable Alternatives to Classic Luxury Watches | The Art of Manliness
Kennedy. With a price tag of $2,500, though, it’s not cheap. An affordable alternative is a dress watch put out by Seiko. The SUP880 has the same long, rectangle shape of the original Tank and some versions have the same Roman numeral numbering as the ...

w&w Instagram Round-Up with a Seiko SLA017, a Vintage Waltham Chronograph, and More
Time for another Instagram round-up. This week, we’ve got 10 great watch snaps courtesy of you guys, so keep them coming. Before we get to the watches, we’d like to thank everyone who participated and tagged #wornandwound and #wandwshop this past week.

Newsletter : Seiko Prospex Automatic Diver’s 200M Watches On Sale – Coupon Code Inside!!
Meeting the challenge of sports has always been an inspiration to Seiko, which created the Seiko Prospex automatic divers. These watches meet the professional specifications accepted worldwide in the realms of both land-based and aquatic sports, the ...

Autodromo Teams Up with the Blue Oval for the New Ford GT Endurance Chronograph
Each watch arrives on a retro-styled cushioned leather strap ... Like a fair number of other Autodromo chronographs, the Endurance Chrono pulls power from Seiko’s VK-series of mecha-quartz movements. Essentially, the mecha-quartz movement provides ...

What a 52,800 Euro Grand Seiko Looks Like: The Rose Gold SBGD202 Spring Drive
During BaselWorld, Bert Buijsrogge and I had the opportunity to have some ‘alone time’ with the platinum Grand Seiko SGBD201 which I called the high-end watch that impressed me most in Basel. Simply a stunning 43mm watch made of platinum with this ...

Match Your 2017 Ford GT With Autodromo’s New Chronograph Watch
As these names imply, each variant of the limited-editon watch has its own visual identity ... the Endurance Chronograph makes use of the Seiko VK mecha-quartz movement. What that means is, the movement provides quartz accuracy with mechanical feel.

Watch battery industry forecast to 2022 explored in latest research
Top Key Companies Analyzed in Global Watch Battery Market are – Sony, Maxell(Hitachi), Panasonic, Renata Batteries(Swatch Group), Varta(Rayovac), Seiko, Toshiba, Energizer, Duracell, GP Batteries, Vinnic, NANFU, TMMQ, EVE Energy, Camelion Battery.