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Collecting guide: Sèvres porcelain
Specialist Matilda Burn offers an in-depth guide to the French factory with more than than 250 years of history — its iconic wares, marks, techniques, and royal and aristocratic patrons. Illustrated with historic pieces offered at Christie’s In the ...

Middle class woes & luxury forecasts
Jeffrey Berk of Prive Porter explains. And ICO’s are the hot investment opportunity; Nicolette Kost de Sevres explains to Bart Chilton what regulators are doing to catch up with this cryptocurrency-based investment.

Liver fibrosis is associated with cutaneous inflammation in the imiquimod-induced murine model of psoriasiform dermatitis
Nord Deux-Sèvres Hospital, Thouars, France Laboratoire Inflammation Tissus Epithéliaux et Cytokines EA 4331, University of Poitiers, France Corresponding author: Philippe Vasseur, MD, PhD, Laboratoire Inflammation Tissus Epithéliaux et Cytokines (EA ...

Forget Sykes-Picot. It’s the Treaty of Sèvres That Explains the Modern Middle East.
Ninety-five years ago today, European diplomats gathered at a porcelain factory in the Paris suburb of Sèvres and signed a treaty to remake the Middle East from the ashes of the Ottoman empire. The plan collapsed so quickly we barely remember it anymore ...

Cognac rebrands with new visual identity
The BNIC (Bureau National Interprofessional du Cognac) has unveiled a new visual identity for the Cognac appellation, including a new logo across all of its promotional materials. The new logo and branding was developed by the BNIC in partnership with ...

(English) Sotheby's Paris - Excellence Française: remarkable decorative artworks from the 17th and 18th centuries
Cabinetmaker to the King, André Charles Boulle was the first craftsman of his time to use gilt bronze in cabinetmaking, and the pieces for sale here are two perfect examples of this practice. This bas d'armoire 'à Hercule enfant faisant des bulles de ...

17th century bodhisattva finishes at $60K, five times its estimate
It was the top earner in a 300-lot auction that featured property from Palm Beach estates and was packed with jewelry, fine art, sculpture, Tiffany, modern art, art glass, Sevres, Chinese jade and porcelain and more. Following are additional highlights ...

The Best of New York's Salon Art + Design
Thankfully, we arrived extra early to take in the design trophies du jour. Here, we have collected our favorites—from a broken-down Thonet chair, preserved in resin to a giant bronze grasshopper with Sevres porcelain wings.

Terroir and Origin are the Heart of Cognac's New Visual Identity
COGNAC, France, Nov. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The words "COGNAC FRANCE," in a timelessly elegant font, are written over a rich, earth-tone image in the exact shape of the Cognac region; these are the essential elements of the Cognac appellation's new ...

Jim Dine’s ‘Montrouge Paintings’ at Daniel Templon in Paris
“It was a taxi garage — no windows, quiet and cool in the summer and well-insulated for the alchemy that one prays will take place along the way,” says Jim Dine about his new studio in the Paris suburb of Montrouge. “It is always a pleasure to unlo ...