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News for Sheep

Drought Drives Australia's Sheep Flock To Record Low
Years of drought in Australia's east has caused the national sheep flock to shrink to the lowest levels since records began more than a century ago, agricultural figures revealed Thursday. Farmers ...

How ‘Agents of SHIELD’ Survived 7 Seasons as the ‘Black Sheep’ of the Marvel Cinematic Universe
"Agents of SHIELD" begins its final mission on Wednesday, wraping up 7 seasons of existing exclusively on the periphery of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

See Boston Dynamics' robodog herd sheep and explore in New Zealand
A new partnership between Boston Dynamics and the New Zealand-based Rocos promises to speed along industry's march toward automation.

Sheep death ship may save WA virus vessel
The very ship that caused the northern summer live export ban may come to the rescue of a vessel stranded in Western Australia after six crew tested positive for coronavirus.

Is the newly opened Sheep Ranch *already* the best course at Bandon Dunes? Here’s how we see it
The much buzzed-about Coore & Crenshaw-designed Sheep Ranch opens June 1. Here are our impressions, having played it last week.

The F*cking Black Sheep: Hellraiser Inferno (2000)
Its pulse checking time ladies and gents! Be honest, outside of Clive Barker’s superior original, which HELLRAISER movie is your favorite of the wildly inconsistent horror franchise? Personally ...

Designing the perfect logo for Bandon Dunes’ Sheep Ranch was no small task
Finding the perfect logo for Bandon Dunes' new Sheep Ranch course didn't happen overnight. But the whole process was worth the wait.

Sheep in Shirts + Farm Kittens Aww-Up Underwood
Take Underwood Family Farms, which recently reopened its "pick-your-own" feature to those guests who wanted to visit the Moorpark farm to gather vegetables and fruits in a physically distanced manner.

Milissia Owens' New Book 'Ramblings of a Sheep Farmer' Captures a Joyful Life on the Farm With Family and Friends
Milissia Owens, a farmer and a U.S. Army veteran, has completed her new book, “Ramblings of a Sheep Farmer”: a brilliant collection of poetry and true short stories that reflects the beauty and fun of ...

Soledad O’Brien scolds Tomi Lahren on Twitter after she calls people ‘sheep’ for Memorial Day
Journalist Soledad O’Brien fired back at Fox News personality Tomi Lahren after she called Americans “sheep” for following pandemic safety rules on Memorial Day. “I gotta hand it to COVID-19, you sure ...

Shorn Like A Sheep: Analysts Just Shaved Their Autogrill S.p.A. (BIT:AGL) Forecasts Dramatically
The latest analyst coverage could presage a bad day for Autogrill S.p.A. , with the analysts making across-the-board cuts to their statutory estimates that might leave shareholder ...

Boston Dynamics’ Robodog Roams New Zealand Countryside with a New Purpose: Sheep Herding
Apparently we humans aren’t the only ones who need to worry about our inevitable robot overlords replacing us. This week, New Zealand software firm Rocos announced a partnership with Boston Dynamics ...