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New video appears to show moments before George Floyd was pinned to ground
Investigators are looking into a new video that appears to show the moments before George Floyd was pinned to the ground and died.

For years they’ve been seen as quiz show criminals. A new TV series may change that
AMC's "Quiz" follows the British couple as they become embroiled in a cheating scandal on the popular series. But how close does it get to the truth?

Herb Stempel Dies: Quiz Show Whistleblower In The 1950s Was 93
Herb Stempel, whose admission that television game shows were fixed led to a major scandal and congressional investigation, has died. He passed at age 93 on April 7, but his death just recently ...

The birth of the #WalkWithUs movement: Local leaders join George Floyd protesters across US in a show of solidarity
As local leaders have joined protesters to show solidarity in the wake of George Floyd's death, the #WalkWithUs hashtag has blossomed on social media.

Herbert Stempel, Whistleblower in Quiz Show Scandals, Dies at 93
One” who helped uncover the quiz show rigging scandals of the 1950s, died on April 7 at the age of 93. His death, which had not ...

Lady Gaga Speaks Out on Racism, Privilege and Trump's "Ignorance": "We Must Show Our Love for the Black Community"
The singer posted a lengthy message on social media Saturday as unrest swept the country, calling out racism and President Trump while urging people "to speak gently" and with passion and inspiration.

'Vida' Series Finale: Creator Tanya Saracho Reflects on Show's Historic Impact (Exclusive)
ET chatted with the show's creator about the final episode and what other storylines she wanted to include before it got canceled.

Demmings: Trump should show 'compassion' to heal the nation
In an exclusive interview with Meet the Press, Rep. Val Demmings (D-Fla.) tells Chuck Todd that the president could help heal the nation by showing leadership.

Anti-lockdown protesters show how the idea of "freedom" has degenerated
Understanding this requires some sense of where the modern idea of freedom came from and how it was defended. The birth of modern political philosophy had at its core a crucial idea about what ...

Herb Stempel, quiz show whistleblower in the 1950s, dies at 93
Herb Stempel helped blow the cover off one of the major scandals of the age — the rigging of NBC quiz show “Twenty-One” — telling the news media, prosecutors and congressional investigators that it ...

Herb Stempel, Whistleblower in the 1950s Quiz Show Scandals, Dies at 93
One who helped expose the rigged television quiz shows of the 1950s after he was "defeated" by Charles Van Doren, has died. He was 93. Stempel, portrayed by John Turturro in the 1994 docudrama Quiz ...

Herb Stempel, the whistleblower portrayed in 'Quiz Show,' dies at 93
Herb Stempel, the infamous Queens man who exposed how the NBC game show Twenty-One was built on lies and deceit, has died. He was 93. His April 7 death was confirmed to the New York Times by his ...