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Caught in the act! All of Hitchcock’s movie cameos revealed
This one’s not strictly a cameo, as Hitchcock appears (albeit in silhouette) as himself, narrating the prologue of this true-life crime drama. A deeply personal project for the director, he took no salary for the film. Having already covered the string ...

Boba Fett Mystery Solved in Latest Look at Solo
While it is still not clear if Boba Fett will make an appearance in Solo: A Star Wars Story, a fan theory about his silhouette in a scene has been debunked, thanks to a new promotional image. The bounty hunter is a fan-favorite character and many Star Wars ...

No, that isn’t Boba Fett in ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’
If you look closely, you can see a Boba Fett-shaped silhouette on the left. Could Fett be working for Dryden Vos? He’s the kind of character who could be recast pretty easily for a secret cameo, because his face is always covered with a helmet.

Ready Player One: Every DC Easter Egg & Cameo
Her cameo comes during Parzival’s speech ... It’s a view from behind so the black silhouette and tiny cat ears on her cowl are the details to spot. She can later be seen from the front in the infantry charge (to the far left of frame alongside the ...

One Punch Man Season 2 Sees A Character Return and A New Event
He was previously seen in Episode 10 of the first season, but just a cameo role where you didn’t see anything other than his name and his silhouette. Now we know the character in all his glory will be appearing, which may not mean that much to you if you ...

Silhouette Cameo; Beyond the Basics
Do you have a Silhouette Cameo? Are you stuck? Don't know how to make it do what you need it to do? This class is for you. Send one or two questions/issues/problems to us and we will show you how to make the best out of your electronic cutting device.

MRC graphic design program readies students for in-field work
The classroom contains a Silhouette Cameo 3 cutting machine that can be connected to Bluetooth and a Wacom interactive pen display computer allowing students to draw on the screen using a stylus. “We’re always trying to keep up with technology ...