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News for Silver

For the rich and famous, there's no tech silver bullet to avoid hacks
The world might be turning to technology to solve everything from traffic to dating, but no one app or gadget will save the rich and famous from falling prey to cyberattacks, according to digital ...

Silver - A Sleeping Bull
2020 starts with another disappointment compared to gold. Silver has industrial and financial properties. Sentiment and investment demand will drive the price higher. USLV on dips in a bull market.

Silver Price Forecast – Silver Markets Rally To End The Week
Silver markets rallied a bit in the week, breaking above the top of the hammer from the Thursday session, looking at the market bouncing from the 50 day EMA as a strong sign.

Silver screen engagement rings get second life in popular culture
Despite people marrying later and women increasingly buying jewellery for themselves, the representation of engagement on the silver screen is changing, too. Audrey Hepburn in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' ...

Gold Price Forecast – The Next Leg Higher is About to Begin, Watch Silver
For a few weeks, I’ve advised readers that the current pullback is nothing more than a healthy mid-cycle consolidation. That once concluded, metals and miners would continue higher into March. The ...

NBA board to discuss schedule changes in April says Silver
The creation of an NBA in-season tournament will be discussed at the league’s board meeting in April as the game’s stakeholders look to adjust the season’s schedule, commissioner Adam Silver said on ...

Silver Could Be Close To An Important Resolution
Silver is still in consolidation mode since early September, but could be close to a resolution. The breakout of the wedge could mean that silver's current consolidation is close to resolution. We are ...

Travelers’ Warnings Hold Silver Lining for Insurers
Travelers had another quarter marked by talk of losses, but the resulting pricing trends are positive signs for the sector.

Katie Ormerod wins snowboard silver in Seiser Alm
Ormerod (left) was competing in just her second slopestyle World Cup event for more than two years because of injury British snowboarder Katie Ormerod won slopestyle silver at Seiser Alm in Italy to ...

Paris to host NBA game 'for years to come': Silver
The NBA will hold a game in Paris for "many more years" to come, commissioner Adam Silver said Thursday, and the league would like to have a doubleheader in the French capital and London if ever its ...

Lighter Capital Appoints Joe Silver to Chief Financial Officer
Lighter Capital (www.lightercapital.com), the leader in providing growth capital to tech startups, announced today the appointment of Joe Silver to Chief Financial Officer. Silver had served as ...

Torres album review: ‘Silver Tongue’ turns a relationship inside out
After working with PJ Harvey veteran Rob Ellis on her last couple of releases, Torres takes over production and plays most of the instruments on her fourth studio album, “Silver Tongue” (Merge). It ...