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News for Silver

Silver Price Forecast – Silver Markets Continue To Pull Back
Silver markets were pretty quiet during the trading session on Tuesday, showing signs of exhaustion still. At this point, the market looks as if the $15.00 level will continue to cause major pressure ...

We Sold Pan American Silver Before The Big Fall, What Happens Next
Precious metal production has increased. Cost controls help drive margins and earnings. There was strength in most metal prices which put the icing on the cake ...

Kootenay Temporarily Suspends Drill Programs at Columba & Copalito Silver Projects, Mexico
Kootenay Silver Inc.  (KTN.V) (the "Company" or "Kootenay") reports that it has temporarily suspended the current drill programs at its Columba silver & Copalito silver-gold projects located in the ...

Martinez Sees Silver Lining In Coronavirus Disrupting Giants' Offseason Program
Blake Martinez's initiation to the New York Giants will be anything but typical. With the NFL's offseason programs up in the air due to the coronavirus outbreak, the newly signed linebacker knows it ...

Where these local tech firms are finding a silver lining in COVID-19 crisis
It's challenging times for everybody, but I think we're in a unique position because so much of what does need to happen to adjust to the new temporary normal is based on technology," Levvel CEO Chris ...

Gold, silver prices edge higher on Tuesday as economic fallout from coronavirus cushions support
Gold and silver prices edged higher on Tuesday, but the gains for the commodity remained capped as the US dollar held firm, however economic fallout from fast-spreading coronavirus cushioned some ...

20 Minutes With: Jared Silver, President of Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry
At Silicon Valley’s Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry, President Jared Silver is putting emphasis on a new remote-buying initiative to get around supply chain challenges and offering clients the opportunity ...

Insights At A Glance: Is Rising Demand For Crude Storage A Silver Lining For MLPs And Midstream?
With oil demand diving, plentiful production, and the oil futures curve in steep contango, storage has become a hot topic. Reports are already indicating that a ...

Great Panther: 4Q Earnings Snapshot
Great Panther Silver Ltd. (GPL) on Monday reported a loss of $28.1 million in its fourth quarter. The Vancouver, British Columbia-based company said it ...

Silver poised for a rally as scramble for dollars eases off, 61.8% Fibo in focus
The price of silver has been shifting gears to the upside in the latter part of the month as the US dollar liquidity frees-up, stalling for a potential pause and allowing the price of silver some ...

Charming French-Style Home In Silver Spring Asks $739K
The cul-de-sac house at 724 Guilford Court boasts a fenced-in backyard and is minutes from Sligo Creek Park and Downtown Silver Spring.

Finding the silver lining in a pandemic
Things are scary right now, but Thunderbird/Atomic CEO Jennifer McCarron says some good can come out of this crisis.