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News for Silver 925

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Gold prices today fall for 3rd day in a row, silver rates drop
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London-Based Designer Tisloh Danboyi Unveils 'Love,bites.' Silver Necklace, His Debut Jewellery Piece
London-based designer Tisloh Danboyi has just unveiled his first piece of jewellry in the form of a new silver pendant necklace titled 'Love, bites'.

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Edgewater Gymnastics wins 4 titles in Georgia
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London-Based Designer Tisloh Danboyi Unveils 'Love,bites.' Silver Necklace, His Debut Jewellery Piece
motif pendant sitsting on an 18-inch, diamond cut trace necklace set in 925. Sterling silver. Speaking about the new piece, Tisloh said: "In English, the ‘love bite’, hickey or hickie ...