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Chrissy Teigen as a kid is the spitting image of Selena Gomez – and fans are losing their minds
The 33-year-old took to Instagram with the snap of her younger self posing in the sun wearing what appears to be a skort – yes it was that much of a throwback. And while the star was probably ex ...

Selena Gomez Wears a Skort in the "Back to You" Music Video
Selena Gomez released her highly anticipated "Back to You," video on Spotify Thursday and already, social media is buzzing. Not only are many fans speculating about what (or who) the song is about, bu...

Callaway Ladies Swing Skort
The Callaway Ladies Swing Skort has been engineered from a lightweight performance fabric that will enhance comfort, movement and deliver a style perfect for those summer days. This yarn dye print sko...

Three looks, three dates
Although a leopard print corduroy skort (with plenty of stretch) would normally catch my eye under normal circumstances, it might be a little unrealistic with the cold weather of February. But don't w...

Beyoncé Is Bringing Back Skorts From the '90s — but With a Seriously Sexy Twist
The 37-year-old star just slipped into a leg-baring skort while posing for a handful of #OOTD photos, and now we seriously regret giving ours away to a secondhand store back in the day. Beyoncé styled ...

Chrissy Teigen posted a #tbt photo, and she is literally Selena Gomez's doppelganger
The middle-school era pic showed Teigen in a Tommy Hilfiger tank, a skort, and some Adidas Superstars. It was cute, nostalgic, and also proof that Teigen literally used to be Selena Gomez.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Episode 4 Easter Eggs
Previously, when Nhan beamed aboard the Discovery, she was wearing red uniform with a black miniskirt, suggestive of the original series mini skirt uniforms, but also reminiscent of the non-gendered “ ...

The Inspiring Reason This Woman Wore a Skort to the Gym
A plus-size social media star known for her bikini photos has challenged herself with a new style risk: wearing a skort to the gym and baring her legs. Allison Kimmey is a mother of two from Coco Beac...

Wear the 'skort' and other shorts this summer
It’s leggy weather, folks! Along with the bikinis and miniskirts, shorts are also a huge part of this season’s wardrobe. The best part is the quintessential summer fave can be worn in many styles — cu...

Mira Rajput’s skirt outfit from dinner date with Shahid Kapoor is perfect for your next romantic outing
Mira Rajput dressed up in a subtly embellished black wrap mini skirt (or maybe a skort) with a slightly slouchy fit. It was sexy for sure, but the laid-back top balanced that vibe. Mira paired her bot...