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News for Slime

No Time for Slime: How To Get Rid of Snails and Slugs
Snails and slugs can seriously put a damper on your outdoor paradise by leaving shiny slime trails around your home and unsightly holes in your plants.

Santa Cruz fisher goes all in on seafood, whether it’s salmon — or slime eel
Santa Cruz fisher Kevin Butler was leaving the boat harbor after a day of halibut fishing, about to head to his second job, running a restaurant kitchen. Butler concedes now that he was working too ...

Mum begs for help after daughter coats hair in pink slime after playing with her siblings
A MUM revealed the horrifying moment she discovered her young daughter had coated her entire hair in pink slime.  Claire Browne asked people to “wish her luck” after seeing the back of ...

How to Get Slime Out of Hair, Using Only Items You Already Have at Home
Your kids are obsessed with slime and it’s not hard to see why: The ooey, gooey and ridiculously sticky stuff provides endless hours of entertainment for a variety of age groups. Add in the fact that ...

Where to get beauty products with ingredients like Bee Venom, Snail Slime, and Plant Placenta?
Would you try beauty products with snail slime, bee venom, and planet placenta? Especially if they’re known for their hydrating and anti-ageing effects? Now, you can get your hands on these unique and ...

Slime Rancher Passes 3
This milestone is a reminder of just how far Slime Rancher has taken us,” said Nick Popovich, co-founder and CEO of Monomi Park. “It all began with a leap of faith and a weird idea, and grew into ...

Understanding ‘pink slime journalism’ and what it reveals about conservatives and liberals
Websites featuring local news could be efforts to sway elections, media analysts say. But one publisher says he’s filling a void left by the closure of community newspapers ...

Seaweed, slime and socks: The science behind the suds
The novel phosphodiesterase enzyme, discovered by a team from Newcastle University, UK, is used by bacteria to unstick themselves from seaweed. The bacteria release an enzyme which breaks down the ...

Slime, tornadoes, and static electricity: How the host of ‘Emily’s Wonder Lab’ wants to teach kids about science
Emily Calandrelli, the host of Emily's Wonder Lab on Netflix, wants to get kids interested in everything from tornados to static electricity.

Old toys & slime time when Granddaughters visit York
As a pre-school year treat for our Philadelphia-area granddaughters – ages 6 and 8 – they got to spend three days with their grandparents in York.