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Minnesota Poll: Biden holds small lead over Trump in 2020 presidential race
A new Minnesota Poll conducted by the, MPR News and KARE 11, found Biden ahead of Trump 49% to 44% in the general election matchup less than six months ahead of Election Day.

Salesforce SMB exec Marie Rosecrans shares insights on meeting the unique needs of small business
Marie Rosecrans, SVP of SMB marketing for Salesforce, shares insights from the company's 20+ years of building software for small businesses.

80 Percent of Publicly Companies That Received Coronavirus Stimulus Loans for Small Businesses Will Keep the Funds, Study Shows
Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has previously warned that companies that have taken the funds without proper justification could face "severe consequences." ...

3 Small-Cap Stocks to Trade as They Rise From the Ashes
On the surface, Thursday seemed like any other session when profit-taking strikes. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq took well-deserved breathers, declining 0.61% and 1.09%, respectively. But if you look closer, ...

Fact check: No, Wisconsin did not get $0 in small business coronavirus relief funds
Wisconsin small businesses are getting $0 while big corps are getting bailouts' A viral Facebook post claims a federal program designed to help small businesses hasnt ...

Frozen Food Recall: 138 Tons Of Healthy Choice Meals Might Contain Small Rocks
Conagra Brands, Inc., (CAG) has expanded its recent recall of Healthy Choice frozen meals by approximately 276,872 pounds. The Chicago-based company initially recalled several of the brand's Power ...

New York reports small rise in coronavirus deaths; Cuomo to allow pro sports training camps
Andrew Cuomo announced the state recorded more than 100 new coronavirus deaths, while declaring Sunday he would allow professional sports teams to hold in-state training camps.

Most publicly listed companies keep U.S. small-business aid loans
More than four-fifths of publicly listed companies that received emergency small-business loans from the U.S. government have held onto them, sticking with a certification that they need the money, ...

Broadway Actor Nick Cordero “Showing Small Improvements Each Day,” According To Wife Amanda Kloots
Broadway star Nick Cordero’s has had a positive uptick in his health as he continues to battle coronavirus at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles. His wife, Amanda Kloots, issued a positive ...

As small L.A. retailers await coronavirus reopening, the landscape is bleak
The easing of coronavirus lockdowns allows small businesses to reopen in phases. Two small retailers — Kitson and Little Trendz — find it difficult.

Overwhelming majority of publicly traded firms have not returned small business loans: review
More than 80 percent of public companies that received loans through the Paycheck Protection Program have kept the money, according to an analysis by market research firm FactSquared.

Small Business In Crisis: Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness In Chicago
Many small businesses face an existential crisis in America AND we need everyone to remain safe. Covid-19 throws America's rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness into stark relief. A ...