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Rocket Lab Opens US Launch Site for Small Satellite Missions
The first mission will launch in spring 2020 to deliver the U.S. Air Force's Space Test Program 27RM (STP-27RM) mission into orbit. That mission will launch a microsatellite called Monolith to see if ...

Big Problems From Small Antibiotic Doses in Dental Patients
At the 2019 IDWeek conference, researchers reported that some dental patients who were inappropriately given antibiotics prior to procedures suffered adverse events potentially connected to the drugs, ...

3 Benefits of Offering a 401(k) Plan as a Small Business (and How to Do It)
The best of the best get to be choosy about their employers, which means employers can't afford to overlook the basics when creating benefits packages. Benefits of a Small Business 401(k) Most big ...

De La Mesa Defies Small-Farm Struggles By Growing Opportunities
But the joy on his face while cooking winter squash on an outdoor grill that he fashioned from cinder blocks illuminates why he pursues the challenging work of running a small farm. A whole, roasted ...

Meet the 2019 All-Central New York girls soccer team (small schools)
Syracuse, N.Y. -- We sat down with a panel of coaches and went through the All-Section III selections and submissions for all-state consideration - narrowing the group down to 11 large-school (Class ...

Biggest free-agent signings again go to big markets; commissioner says small markets can still compete
But with a seller’s market in play, the old complaints about the disparity between small and large market teams is creeping back into the conversation. The Yankees, Phillies and Nationals have made ...

You Can Lead a More Satisfying Life by Making a Few Small Changes
Being satisfied and feeling fulfilled are what we all ultimately strive for. Happiness with our lives is the very reason we do just about anything. So ask yourself: Am I really satisfied with my life?

Owasso Chamber announces winners of sixth-annual Shop Small Owasso
The Owasso Chamber of Commerce announced the winners of its sixth-annual Shop Small Owasso Passport Event on Saturday, Nov. 30. The national event, better known as Small Business Saturday, was created ...

Make Pullups Even More Effective With 1 Small Change
To turn the lat-blasting pullup into a full body movement, this form tweak from Don Saladino, NASM, who recently went over the ins and outs of the exercise with Men’s Health fitness director Ebenezer ...

CIF football: How a small school like McClymonds became a football giant
Pacifica has over 3,000 students, almost 10 times as many as McClymonds. That shouldn’t bother the Warriors. They’re used to being small in numbers. It never seems to matter.

Amazon is bringing its small business e-commerce academy to Milwaukee
Seattle-based e-commerce giant Amazon.com Inc. will host its second-ever Amazon Small Businesses Academy in the U.S. this week in Milwaukee. The training is a chance for small business owners to learn ...

Modern fishing methods are driving small whales and dolphins to extinction
More than a dozen species of small whales and dolphins are headed toward extinction, a new study finds. The main reason: modern fishing nets, which trap and kill hundreds of thousands of the animals ...