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Facial-recognition software fails to correctly identify people '96% of the time,' Detroit police chief says
Facial-recognition technology misidentifies criminal suspects 96% of the time, according to the Detroit Police Chief.

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Analytics in your tools can help users gain insights that can help move your clients and the organization to the next level.

PARGT: a software tool for predicting antimicrobial resistance in bacteria
In previous work, we proposed a game-theory-based feature evaluation When using the protein characteristics identified by this algorithm, called ‘features’ in machine learning, our model accurately ...

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CEO of exam monitoring software Proctorio apologises for posting student's chat logs on Reddit
Australian students who have raised privacy concerns describe the incident involving a Canadian student as ‘freakishly disrespectful’ ...

Novel software reveals molecular barcodes that distinguish different cell types
There are about 75 different types of cells in the human brain. What makes them all different? Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine have developed a new set of computational tools to help answer ...

U.S. Watchdog’s Report Faults Boeing’s Disclosures on 737 Max Software
Boeing has completed a series of test flights, but a return to the skies will depend on more safety milestones.

Deutsche Boerse says software glitch caused trading outage
The reappearance of a software glitch that was first seen in April was behind a nearly three hour outage on Wednesday on Germany's electronic trading platform Xetra, the exchange operator Deutsche ...