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News for Sonos

Hay, Sonos and WeWork display living and work environments at Milanese palazzo
Milan's Palazzo Clerici has provided a dramatic setting for an exhibition by Hay, Sonos and WeWork, which juxtaposes contemporary furniture and products against the historic building's ornate details. The collaboration for this year's Milan design week ...

Why Mozilla and Sonos pulled ads off Facebook
This article, Why Mozilla and Sonos pulled ads off Facebook, originally appeared on CBSNews.com Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg ahead of two congressional hearings this week. Zuckerberg faces mounting criticism after private information from as many as 87 ...

I tested a Sonos speaker competitor and was blown away by the audio quality
Bluesound offers wireless, streaming speakers that compete with Sonos as a higher price point. I tested a speaker against my own Sonos system. The Bluesound Pulse 2 is a superb choice for about $700. We're a Sonos family. After literally years of research ...

Sonos One to debut new fall color line in 2018
Sonos' entry-level "smart" speaker, the One, will be getting new fall colors later this year in collaboration with Danish design brand Hay. Supplementing the black and white colors already available will be red, pink, dark green, light green and (naturally ...

Sonos will sell red, yellow and green One speakers for a limited time
The collection is a collaboration with Danish brand Hay. Sonos speakers, for the most part, have been limited to two shades, black and white, which is a result of the brand's desire for its devices to blend in with the home rather than stand out.

Sonos One will be available in red, yellow, and green this September
The Sonos One is already a good-looking speaker, but it'll soon get a welcome jolt of color thanks to a new partnership with Danish design brand HAY. This coming September, Sonos will launch the HAY Sonos One Limited Edition Collection with new red, yellow ...

HAY Sonos One Limited Edition speakers come in three new colors
Sonos has teamed with Danish design brand HAY to launch limited edition versions of the Sonos One speakers. The new lineup is called the HAY Sonos One Limited Edition Collection, and it features green, red, and yellow variants of the model. The new colors ...

Sonos Announces New Colors for Sonos One Speaker Coming This September
Sonos today announced the upcoming debut of new color options for the Sonos One speaker, launching in addition to the device's current colors of white and black. Created in collaboration with Danish design brand HAY, the Sonos One will be available in red ...

Sonos One speakers are getting a new splash of color later this year
The Sonos One is a great wireless multiroom speaker, but like other Sonos products, it’s not the most colorful thing in the world. If you’ve been wishing for a version of the speaker that matches the look of your home a little better, you’re in luck.

Sonos Partners With Dust and Grooves To Host Record Swap For Record Store Day
Yes, from 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on April 21, you can join a community of record collectors to find those rare gems that your collection has been yearning for. Following the swap, the duo will treat audiophiles to a conversation with artists and fellow ...