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News for South Carolina

South Carolina to stay open despite spike in virus cases
South Carolina health officials issued a warning Wednesday that people who go to graduations, businesses or other recently opened places and aren’t careful about wearing masks or social distancing may ...

Prosecutor to review police shooting of South Carolina teen
A prosecutor in South Carolina said the investigation into the shooting death of a black teenager by a white Columbia police officer this spring is complete and he is reviewing to see if any charges ...

Wary Journalists Return to a Reopened South Carolina Newsroom
The Post and Courier, a Charleston daily, requires temperature checks at the door. An editor said she was fired after approving a reader’s comment criticizing the newspaper’s shift away from remote ...

Shut Down Unlikely Even as South Carolina Virus Cases Rise
There are plenty of signs in the statistics that South Carolina is seeing a spike in the number of COVID-19 cases.

Sheriff: Pause South Carolina protests after violence
More than 110 people were arrested over the weekend in South Carolina and several businesses and other property damaged in Columbia and Charleston as a small group of people broke away from peaceful ...

South Carolina man busted with gun, 70 rounds of ammo during anti-police brutality protest
A 19-year-old man was in possession of a gun and 70 rounds of ammo when he was among 50 people arrested at George Floyd protests over the weekend in Columbia, S.C., law-enforcement officials said.

Military explosive dug up in South Carolina city, forcing busy intersection to evacuate | Raleigh News & Observer
A construction crew working near a busy intersection in Charleston, South Carolina, unearthed what appears to be an old military explosive on Tuesday, according to police. Officers shut down the area ...

South Carolina saw a weekend of George Floyd protests. What happened across the state? | Charlotte Observer
There were arrests across South Carolina over the weekend and many cities enacted curfews to keep people off the streets.

Doctors Report Newborn Girl With Two Mouths In South Carolina
A case report reveals a baby girl has been born with two mouths, a condition that is very rare in newborns, according to doctors.

South Carolina basketball coach Frank Martin tested positive for coronavirus
Gamecocks coach Frank Martin revealed that he has recovered after testing positive for COVID-19 before having knee replacement surgery on May 8.

South Carolina to stay open despite spike in virus cases | Charlotte Observer
South Carolina health officials issued a warning Wednesday that people who go to graduations, businesses or other recently opened places and aren't careful about wearing masks or social distancing may ...

Sheriff: Pause South Carolina protests after violence | Raleigh News & Observer
More than 110 people have been arrested and at least 12 officers inured during violent protests in South Carolina over the weekend.