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News for Southern

These Southern California cities will have curfews in place for Sunday night
In response to the violence stemming from the George Floyd protests across the nation, these Southern California cities have announced curfews for Sunday night, May 31: Floyd, 46, was an unarmed black ...

A protester and a cop make a difference at Southern California standoff over George Floyd’s death
The standoff between full-throated protesters and cops who rarely uttered a word from behind their riot helmets and face shields was in its third hour in Temecula on Saturday, May 30. But then ...

Georgia Southern announces one-year extension for head coach Chad Lunsford
Georgia Southern football has given its head coach some additional security, extending the contract of Chad Lunsford through 2024.

Mark McGwire homers twice as Southern California stays alive in I-5 Series
Mark McGwire hits a walkoff two-run homer in the bottom of the ninth as Southern California defeats Northern California, 9-7, in Game 5 of the I-5 Series.

Photos: Protesters gather throughout Southern California in call for justice
Protesters called for justice after George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis after a white officer pressed a knee into his neck while taking him into custody.

Opinion: Pandemic Will Accelerate Divide Between Northern and Southern California
If California emerges from recession with Southern California in worse economic shape vis-à-vis the Bay Area, the political fallout could be significant.

Protesters in southern cities target Confederate monuments
As tense protests swelled across the country Saturday into Sunday morning, monuments in Virginia, the Carolinas and Mississippi were defaced ...

4 Suspects Shot Dead in Southern California Incidents
Authorities say Southern California law enforcement officers have killed two men who attacked police dogs, a man with a sword and another with a gun in separate shootings.

Hedge Funds Are Cashing Out Of Norfolk Southern Corp. (NSC)
At the end of February we announced the arrival of the first US recession since 2009 and we predicted that the market will decline by at least 20% in (Recession is Imminent: We Need A Travel Ban NOW).

Southern California Philharmonic To Stream ‘On-Line Musical Open House’
The Orange County-based Southern California Philharmonic will stream an “On-Line Musical Open House” from 4-7 p.m. Saturday including video clips of past performances. The orchestra is conducting its ...

Ole Miss and Southern Miss quarterbacks have trained together in Alabama. Here's what they've worked on
One QB is from Hattiesburg and plays at Ole Miss. The other is from Oxford and plays at USM. But they recently worked out together in Mobile, Alabama.

Demonstrators sat down on railroad tracks Saturday, forcing 5-hour long suspension of train traffic through Greensboro, Norfolk Southern official says
We protested for 10 hours peacefully. Nobody was hurt. Nobody was arrested. No damage was done," said 27-year-old Anthony Major of Greensboro. "Then all hell broke loose.” ...