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At Syrian Aid Summit, a Struggle to Raise Enough to End ‘Downward Spiral’
As the civil war enters its 10th year, Syria’s economy is collapsing and the pandemic is adding to the woes. Donors pledged $7.7 billion in aid Tuesday, an amount not nearly enough to end the misery.

Galaxy with feathery spiral spotted by Hubble
The Hubble Space Telescope has produced a striking image of a galaxy with spiral arms that resemble delicate bird feathers surrounding a bulge of what appears to be mostly empty space. The European ...

Shawn Johnson details 'dark spiral' of medications, body image issues after 2008 Olympic gold
Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson East detailed in depth her struggles with body image, weight loss medication Bejing Olympics. Johnson, 28, shared a nearly 25-minute video on the family YouTube ...

Image: Hubble spots feathered spiral
The spiral pattern shown by the galaxy in this image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope is striking because of its delicate, feathery nature. These "flocculent" spiral arms indicate that the ...

Shawn Johnson Details Abusing Pills & Struggling With Body Image During 'Dark Spiral' After Olympics
Shawn Johnson has overcome a lot on her decade-long journey to self-love and body acceptance. In a raw and emotional YouTube video posted to her and husband Andrew East's channel, The East Family, the ...

Shawn Johnson Recalls ‘Dark Spiral’ Before Recovering From Her Eating Disorder
Shawn Johnson recalled her journey to becoming healthy mom after battling an eating disorder and facing body issues after the 2008 Olympics — details ...

Katy Perry says split from Orlando Bloom in 2017 sent her into a spiral: 'I just crashed'
Splitting with Orlando Bloom hit Katy Perry hard. The pop star told CBC she was "suicidal" after the two separated in 2017.

You Can Order This DIY Cabin From Amazon—And It’s Even Got A Spiral Staircase
I've got just the perfect idea. Allow me to introduce you to the Allwood Eagle Point Cabin Kit. Yes, that's right, you can build your own personal getaway using a DIY kit from Amazon. It might sound ...

Shawn Johnson details ‘dark spiral’ of pill usage, body image struggles
I didn’t know how to get on a straight path and have a purpose and a goal outside of the Olympics,” Johnson said.

Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story Episode 5 Recap: The Spiral
The Betty Broderick Story, and our titular character, Betty (Amanda Peet), is spiraling. Hard. The second season of USA Network’s anthology series, this time about one of the most contentious divorce ...

Bitcoin Weekly Forecast: BTC volatility drops to a year low, get ready for a spiral drive
Bitcoin has lost 1% of its value during the recent seven days with the trading range limited by $9,298 on the upside and $8,933 on the downside. BTC is heavily bought on the dips below $9,000, which ...

‘Widespread panic’: Trump advisers growing frantic as his reelection prospects spiral downward
The resurgence of COVID-19 in the United States is putting President Donald Trump’s reelection chances in even greater peril, and Axios’s Jonathan Swan reports that many Trump advisers are feeling ...