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News for Stanwell

Terry Smith inquest: Accounts of Stanwell father's restraint heard by jury as evidence is summarised by coroner
Accounts of the restraint of Stanwell father Terry Smith by police were heard at an inquest as the senior coroner summarised the evidence heard so far. Mr Smith, 33, died in November 2013 after his family called an ambulance to their Stanwell home due to ...

Wollongong council to push ahead with controversial Grand Pacific Walk cycleway works
Wollongong City Council has confirmed plans to push ahead with the construction of the Grand Pacific Walk along a residential street in Stanwell Park, despite continuing concerns from nearby residents. On Thursday, the council announced it would use ...

Couple who ran Stanwell 'sex dungeon' fined more than £6,000 for breaching enforcement notices
Graham Tattersall and Ann Trewren ran the Kestrel Spa in Stanwell Moor without planning permission for more than a decade

Indian origin schoolgirl achieves top score on Mensa IQ test, beats Einstein, Hawking
Student, from Stanwell, Surrey, shocked parents by scoring 162 on Cattell III B paper. Swatantra said he had the idea of entering his daughter for the Mensa test after seeing her revise for the pre-entry exams into Henrietta Barnett. (Photo: AFP ...

Ronald E Morrow
Morrow, 73 of Mauston passed away Tuesday, June 5, 2018 at the Serenity House in Tomah. Ron was born on July 21, 1944 the son of Lawrence and Hazel (Stanwell) Morrow in Mather, Wisconsin. Ron was united in marriage to Mabel Grimshaw on October 3 ...

11-year-old girl from Stanwell betters Einstein in Mensa IQ test
An 11-year-old girl has achieved the highest possible score in a Mensa IQ test, even surpassing that of famed scientists Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein. Snnehal Vijay, from Stanwell, shocked her parents by scoring 162 on the Cattell III B paper ...

LNP vows to bust up electricity giants
The LNP Leader will on Sunday reveal plans to break Stanwell and CS Energy into three entities, diluting their market muscle which has forced up wholesale power prices. Ms Frecklington insisted the Government’s own analysis indicated households would ...

State of Origin 2018: Damien Cook finally grabs spotlight after years in the shadows
His prodigious speed and work ethic meant he rarely ran second to anyone, with the footy at Rex Jackson Oval, or in the sprint at Stanwell Park Beach. Opportunity, however, proved elusive. Back in his primary school days, he was stuck in representative ...