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News for Star Wars

‘Star Wars: Battlefront II’ Gives a Clue About the First Order’s Plans in ‘The Last Jedi’
(Note: This post contains spoilers for the story campaign of the video game “Star Wars: Battlefront II.”) The newly released “Star Wars: Battlefront II” adds a little something new to the ongoing “Star Wars” saga. The game tells a new story set ...

How a Star Wars video game faced charges that it was promoting gambling
Imagine buying a new chess set. Chess is your favorite game. Also you love “Star Wars.” It’s a Star Wars chess set! Now imagine playing your friend who spent $200 for the random chance that his pawns obtain the board-clearing powers of a queen.

Just Before Star Wars: Battlefront 2's Release, EA Removes Microtransactions For Now
[UPDATE 4] With Battlefront II now available without microtransactions, EA's stock price has taken a hit, dropping 2.49% to $108.82 on launch day. A report from the Wall Street Journal states that Disney CEO Robert Iger did not, in fact, speak with EA ...

Tesla unveils Semi truck, EA makes changes to Star Wars Battlefront II
In this week's wrap-up, Tesla boss Elon Musk proudly introduces the world to its all-electric commercial truck. Meanwhile, Electronic Arts removes microtransactions from its new Star Wars game to mitigate a big backlash.

Wall Street is freaking out as EA caves again to social media outrage over its 'Star Wars' game
Investors are worried the angst over in-game monetization in EA's "Star Wars Battlefront II" will hurt its sale.

The new 'Star Wars' game temporarily removed the feature that caused a massive backlash
Game publisher EA has temporarily removed microtransactions from "Star Wars Battlefront 2," the flagship new "Star Wars" game launching on Friday. "Battlefront 2" was at the center of controversy this week, with fans outraged that they might have to spend ...

Star Wars forges Disney employees' connection with theme park
They fell in love, bonding over Star Wars, when they met at work in Hollywood Studios. When Disney employees Christopher and Rachael DeGeorge married last month, her father was the officiant dressed in Jedi robes. She held a bouquet of elegant paper ...

Nvidia Titan Xp Star Wars Collectors Edition Unboxing: Hands-On With The Jedi Order Card
I’m going to admit it, I’m sort of obsessed with the Nvidia Titan. For me, this goes beyond gaming and into something else: video – but more on that later. But of course, the Titan Xp here is pretty special for all sorts of reasons. Mainly, of course ...

Princes William and Harry play Stormtroopers in 'Star Wars: The last Jedi'
These are the royals you're looking for. A big Star Wars secret is out and actor John Boyega has spilled it: Prince William and Prince Harry will appear in The Last Jedi, due Dec. 15 — only you won't know it because they're playing First Order ...

‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Will be the Longest ‘Star Wars’ Movie
Prepare your bladders, Star Wars fans. Director Rian Johnson has confirmed the rumors that Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be the longest Star Wars movie yet. So maybe hold off on that extra-large drink when you settle into the theater next month. Speaking ...