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Woman suffers broken back, neck, elbow, ribs and collapsed lung after gas station attack
Rafeal Johnson, 48, was indicted Thursday after police said he hit a woman with a wooden board, causing multiple broken bones.

Man accused of robbing man at gunpoint outside Saginaw Township gas station, police say
SAGINAW, MI — A Saginaw man is accused of robbing another man at gunpoint outside a gas station in Saginaw Township. According to prosecutors, a 39-year-old man was at the Speedway gas station at 4475 ...

Milford cops: Suspect threatened to ‘blow up’ police station
MILFORD — After an unknown suspect left threatening messages about declaring war on police and stating that ISIS would blow up the Milford police station, city police are looking to identify the man.

Deadly shooting at east Birmingham gas station ruled justifiable; no charges will be filed
A deadly shooting at an east Birmingham gas station Sunday evening has been ruled justifiable. The Jefferson County Coroner’s Office on Wednesday identified the victim as Troy Allen Underhill. He was ...

PBSO investigating homicide at gas station near Lake Worth Beach
LAKE WORTH BEACH - Authorities are investigating a fatal shooting that occurred Tuesday night at a Citgo gas station near Lake Worth Beach. Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded at ...

LEGO Is Launching an Official International Space Station Set
Not everyone can live out their childhood dreams of floating around in space aboard the International Space Station, but now you can at least construct a toy version of it for your own house. Next ...

For just a buck you can own Fremont’s old fire station
FREMONT — The fire sale is on: For just a buck, you can own the old fire station in Fremont’s Centerville district. But you’d better have a big wad of money because moving the old masonry structure ...

'Grey's Anatomy' and 'Station 19' crossover: Not everyone will make it out alive
LOS ANGELES -- The first half "Grey's Anatomy" season 16 ended in disaster: a car smashed into Joe's underground bar, leaving many beloved "Grey's" and "Station 19" characters at risk. The season ...

Top Fresno news: Windows smashed, nose broken during gas station robbery; 3 shot, injured; more
Police say that four people have been arrested in connection with a robbery at a Downtown Fresno gas station. On Monday night, officers were searching the Downtown area for a dark sedan that was ...

City Council names fire station after Ken Sanchez
In a gesture those who knew him described as fitting, the council on Wednesday voted unanimously to name a West Central fire station after Sanchez, a veteran councilor who died earlier this month.

Prattville plans new fire station in eastern part of city
PRATTVILLE — A new fire station in Prattville is about a year away. The city’s fourth station will be built near Long Lewis Ford, off Highway 14. The city council approved the $3.71 million bid during ...

PBSO investigating homicide at Lake Worth gas station
Authorities are investigating a fatal shooting that occurred Tuesday night at a Citgo gas station near Lake Worth. Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded at about 9 p.m. to a shooting ...