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The Summer The Skylab Space Station Crashed, 41 Years Later
For most of us, the Covid-19 pandemic will define the spring and summer of 2020. But 41 years ago, the impending crash of the Skylab space station defined the summer of 1979 for people across much of ...

NASA upgrades Australia’s Deep Space Station for future missions to Mars
NASA is in the midst of upgrading Deep Space Station 43 — one of its Deep Space Network’s largest antennas located in Canberra, Australia — to prepare for future missions. The agency’s Deep Space ...

Video: Astronaut Doug Hurley on what it's like to photograph Earth from the International Space Station
A short video shared by the International Space Station Twitter account has astronaut Doug Hurley share what it's like to photograph Earth from low Earth orbit.

Large gas station to be built along Nashua's Amherst Street
Plans to construct a five-story self-storage facility in Nashua have fallen through, so the property owners want to build a gas station and convenience store on the site instead.

CMPD investigating homicide at east Charlotte gas station
Mecklenburg Police Department is investigating a homicide at an east Charlotte gas station. It happened Saturday night at the BP Station at 5724 East W.T. Harris Boulevard near Milton Road. CMPD said ...

Pair of suspects wanted in connection with shooting at Mount Vernon Square Metro station
Two people are sought by police in connection to a shooting that took place on a Metrorail train in the Mount Vernon Square Metro Station on Saturday.

San Jose: Fire Station At Risk Of Erosion
By Sonya Herrera San Jose Spotlight While the risk of Coyote Creek flooding is always present for San Joseans living near the creek, a more insidious threat is creeping steadily to undermine the ...

Coronavirus: Riverside police again closing station lobbies to the public
People were encouraged to file reports online for crimes including vehicle burglary, theft, vandalism, lost property, trespassing, theft of utility services and illegal dumping.

Man in critical condition after shooting at Metro’s Mount Vernon Square Station
A man is in critical condition after being shot Saturday afternoon while on a Green Line train as it pulled into the Mount Vernon Square station.

A man is in critical condition after a stabbing at a Phoenix gas station
When Phoenix Police arrived on scene at the Chevron station, they found the man with a life threatening cut. He was taken to the hospital for immediate medical attention.

Three people injured after shots fired in parking lot of Citgo gas station on North Liberty Street in Winston-Salem
Three people were injured Saturday night in a shooting in the parking lot of the Citgo gas station at 1522 N. Liberty St., authorities said Sunday.

Police investigating shooting at SW OKC gas station
A man was transported to a hospital after a shooting at a gas station parking lot in Southwest Oklahoma City. Oklahoma City Police were on scene at the 7-Eleven near ...