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Swimmer 'lucky to be alive' after jellyfish sting
Lion's mane jellyfish are common in UK waters and seen from May until early autumn. Their tentacles can grow up to 3m (10ft) in length and are covered in stinging cells. These are used for catching ...

Talking Horses: Sting in tail for Dreal Deal team after amazing win
Potential new horse racing fans are put off by outcomes that essentially pulp the form book like Saturday’s remarkable gamble ...

Does Peeing on a Bluebottle Sting Really Work?
For Australians living on the east coast, the possibility of being stung by a bluebottle is just a fact of life. But the methods for treating a sting vary wildly, including the idea you can just pee ...

Caterpillar sting sends woman to the ER. Virginia Poison Center gets up to 30 caterpillar calls a year.
The center receives around 20 to 30 caterpillar sting calls a year. There have been 8 so far this year; 7 in the past month. Rose expects more later this fall. A New Kent woman suffered a puss ...

Opinion: Tulane's loss to Navy could sting for a long time, putting it atop Misery Index
Tulane had a 24-0 and seemed to have total control of Navy ... until it didn't. It lost, and it sits atop Misery Index. Here's the week's breakdown.

Ouch! Bee sting to the mouth floors Tour de France rider
Tour de France rider Lukas Pöstlberger was forced by a bee sting to the mouth to abandon with the finish in Paris just two days away ...

Former UP player and PH Youth captain arrested in drug sting
FORMER University of the Philippines player Kevin Rae Astorga was nabbed for alleged possession of high-grade marijuana and cocaine in a buy-bust operation in Paranaque City on Tuesday. A Philippine ...

Police watchdog to probe if Seattle police captain arrested in prostitution sting had preferential treatment
Office of Police Accountability to look at the arrest of Seattle Police Capt. Randal Woolery during a prostitution sting last year.

Tour de France: Bee sting to the mouth forces rider to withdraw
Austrian rider Lukas Postlberger had an allergic reaction from a sting soon after the start of Stage 19, which was won by Soren Kragh Andersen of Denmark.

Tour de France: Pöstlberger abandons after in-race wasp sting
Lukas Pöstlberger (Bora-Hansgerohe) has been forced to abandon the Tour de France after being stung by a wasp in his mouth during the early kilometres of stage 19.The 28-year-old Austrian rider ...

Garrett Kubitz breaks Brecksville record, Richtell McCallister fuels Streetsboro, sophomore leads Highland's sting: Week 4 HS football top performers
Catch up on the top performances from Week 4 of the high school football season and vote on who you think had the biggest game.

Ouch! Bee sting to the mouth floors Tour de France rider | Charlotte Observer
Tour de France rider Lukas Pöstlberger was forced by a bee sting to the mouth to abandon with the finish in Paris just two days away.