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News for Sting

Prostitution sting ends with four arrested, LPD says
LUBBOCK, Texas– Four people were arrested after a prostitution sting, the Lubbock Police Department announced. Lubbock Police and the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office took part in the ...

Trafficking suspects identified after Topeka spa sting
Authorities have identified three suspects arrested in a sting operation at six massage parlors and spas in Topeka. Shawnee County District Attorney Mike Kagay confirmed with ...

Four arrested in Lubbock prostitution sting
Four individuals are behind bars, following a prostitution sting by the Lubbock Police Department’s Special Operations Division and the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office.

AEW Accused Of Trying To Physically Kill Sting With High-Risk Moves
Sting shocked the world when he made his debut in AEW last year in December. Since then he has been featured heavily on AEW television being ...

I had to order groceries when my family was in COVID quarantine, but a handy credit card promotion took the sting out of pricey Instacart delivery
Activating a free Instacart Express promo saved me delivery fees and service charges, and I earned bonus credit card points and $10 off my order.

Human trafficking sting at 6 Topeka spas sees multiple arrests
Police and deputies closed in Wednesday on six massage parlors and spas in a human trafficking sting that saw multiple arrests, according to the Shawnee County ...

Brandon mall shooting witness questions why sting took place outside busy mall after bullet hit car
She said she was sitting in her car, preparing for her shift at the Cheesecake Factory when she heard the shots ring out and one of those bullets hit her car.

Predator Catchers sting leads Novi police to arrest man for allegedly arranging meetup with teen
An organization aimed at catching sexual predators allegedly arranged to meet a man in Novi, where he was arrested Jan. 9.

Caught On Camera: Florida Undercover Detective Threatened With Gun During Sting Operation
A Florida undercover detective cane under the gun in a sting operation gone wrong. Experts: Red Hot Housing Market Starting To Losing SteamIf you've been waiting to buy a house, but the prices have ...

Take the Sting Out of Rising Postage Rates with Mailing Promotions
The USPS will be raising rates in July, and mailers should expect rate increases closer to 7%. However, as physical mail remains a powerful medium, taking advantage of the USPS Mailing Promotions may ...

Opinion: Tennessee Titans' playoff loss to Cincinnati Bengals will sting for a long, long time
The Tennessee Titans had Super Bowl aspirations, but they couldn't get past the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC divisional round on Saturday.