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In some areas, Russians face -85F cold with ‘a good sweater and woolen socks’
Several regions of Russia are experiencing extreme cold with temperatures dropping down to minus-85F, which is abnormal even for this part of the country. Several regions of Russia are experiencing extreme cold with temperatures dropping down to minus-85F ...

Sentimental Sweater Goes Missing During Pats-Titans Game
FOXBOROUGH, MA — A Bellingham man is pleading for the return of a sentimental sweater taken from him during Saturday's Patriots-Titans game. Kathy Morin Halpin of Bellingham wrote on Facebook that her son D.J. Halpin was at Splitsville/Howl At The Moon ...

NeNe Leakes sticks it to her critics by wearing sweater with mugshot
NeNe Leakes is embracing her past. On Tuesday, the 50-year-old reality star posted a picture of herself wearing a sweater that had her 1992 mugshot on it. “From Mugshots to MILLIONS,” she captioned the image. Leakes also said that the sweater would be ...

Connie Britton defends $380 'poverty is sexist' Golden Globes sweater
Actress Connie Britton made a splash at the 2018 Golden Globes by not only wearing black to participate in the “Time’s Up” movement, but also a rather pricey custom-made sweater that read “poverty is sexist.” Now the star is defending her choice.

The Full Story Behind Connie Britton's 2018 Golden Globes 'Poverty Is Sexist' Sweater
As part of the Time's Up-backed black-out, the actress wore a Max Mara ballgown skirt with a Lingua Franca sweater to the ceremony. As with all of the latter label's signature knits, it was embroidered with a phrase across the front; Britton's read ...

Connie Britton Defends Herself After Critics Call Her $380 ‘Poverty Is Sexist’ Sweater ‘Ironic’
Caralynn is a writer, native New Yorker, TV enthusiast, and dog mom to Hobbes. While most celebrities wear a formal suit or gown to red carpet events, Connie Britton opted for something a little different when she attended the 75th Golden Globe Awards on ...

Which hockey team has N.J.'s best jersey? Nominate your team's sweater now!
It's time to settle all the arguments: Who has N.J.'s best high school hockey jerseys? In the coming weeks, our reporters are going to be picking their favorite sweaters and also asking you, the fans, to make your choice for the best ones, too. But in the ...

Proper sweater storage, cleaning prolong beauty
Q. How often and in what ways should I wash my sweaters? When I break them out each year, I usually spend each morning sneezing from the allergies of 9 months' of dust build-up. I remember hearing something about fluffing them in the dryer, but wonder if I ...

Connie Britton defends the $380 'poverty' sweater she wore to the Golden Globes
Connie Britton is defending herself after being accused of sending a mixed message with the sweater she wore to the 75th Golden Globe Awards Sunday night. Connie Britton attends The 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Jan. 7, 2018.

Connie Britton defends her $475 Golden Globes 'Poverty Is Sexist' sweater
As celebrities streamed into the Golden Globes in a sea of black, bringing awareness to sexual assault in the film industry, one woman’s outfit stood out from the rest. “Nashville” star Connie Britton decided to highlight another hot-button issue by ...