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News for Sweater

Running turkeys and a dog in an ugly Christmas sweater participate in this year’s Pumpkin Pie 5K and 10K
The Pavilion at City Park was filled with a mix of turkey heads, dogs in ugly Christmas sweaters and exhausted runners chowing down on pieces of pie Saturday as more than 4,000 runners, joggers and walkers participated in the annual Pumpkin Pie 5K and 10K.

Priyanka Chopra Sets the Sweater Dress Standard for Winter
It's cold outside, but that doesn't mean that pants are the only option. If the sweater dress is too boring for your wardrobe, think about all the ways to spice up the office-friendly staple. Try it in a bold color with multiple textures for an elevated take.

Beloved sweater-wearing giraffe dies at Oakland Zoo
Tiki the giraffe wears her custom outerwear at the Oakland Zoo. Tiki the giraffe at the Oakland Zoo. Tiki the giraffe at the Oakland Zoo. Tiki the giraffe receiving ice boot therapy at the Oakland Zoo. Tiki the giraffe receiving ice boot therapy at the ...

This Bread Sweater Is the Best Thing Since Bread
Sometimes you find an item so perfectly aligned to your interests that it feels uncanny. Here is my latest discovery: a sweatshirt that beams its message straight into your eyeballs and your stomach. That message is bread. Short of asking Harry Potter to ...

Run the Jewels’ new ugly Christmas sweater is completely over-the-top
Grandma’s not gonna like this. Run the Jewels have teased a brand-new merch that will win you any ugly Christmas sweater party you attend. No longer are the shilling a riff on their 2015 holiday sweatshirt – this time, it’s serious. See for yourselves:

Space Invaders Holiday Sweater
The Space Invaders Holiday Sweater is a holiday must-wear for Space Invaders fans. This holiday sweater was inspired by the classic arcade game. It will keep you warm and it also includes game and holiday imagery, so it is all win. Pew! Pew! Pew!

Sweater weather headed straight for Austin this weekend!
You could say we were spoiled. After all, we've been showing some national stories of snow in the Rockies, and even a few flakes flying in Chicago. All the while, we've been basking in near-record highs the last few weeks. All of that is about to change ...

Shrunk your sweater? How hair conditioner will get it back in shape
There's nothing like the cozy embrace of a fuzzy sweater — unless said sweater has a distressingly tight grip on your torso and arms. So uncomfortable! Fibers have tiny scales arranged like shingles on a roof. When they encounter heat (like from a dryer ...

Whoopi Goldberg on Her New 'Ugly' Holiday Sweater Designs: "I Think God Has a Sense of Humor"
'Tis the season for "ugly" holiday sweater parties! Lucky for you, Whoopi Goldberg has you covered with her new Holiday Sweater line-- and she’s pushing the envelope a bit! "For me, unless they make you laugh, it’s not worth it," Whoopi says of her ...

This Sweater Trend Is Blowing Up on Pinterest
Sweater season is finally in full swing, which means that Pinterest users are taking to the site to figure out which trends to invest in and how to style them. Many Pinterest users already have a clear idea of the trend they want to explore when visiting ...