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News for Tablet

Westminster-Canterbury community teams with French company to produce tablet for seniors
A retirement community in Virginia Beach is reaching across the ocean to team up with a French company to produce a touch-screen tablet geared toward older people. Residents at Westminster-Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay tested the “Birdsong Tablet” in a ...

Chuwi Hi 9 Air rises to meet the Android tablet challenge
Mind, the Helio X20 is not MediaTek’s latest and greatest high-performance chip. That title still belongs to the 2017 Helio X30, perhaps the last flagship SoC from the chip maker. Launched in early 2016, the Helio X20 is dated in mobile market standards.

8.5 Inches LCD Writing Tablet - NEWYES NYWT085D - Robot Pad Kids Drawing board Doodle Pads Electronic Graphic Drawing Tablet
Up to 50% OFF on PC products from UtechSmart sold by UtechSmart Apple Magic Trackpad 2 for $109 + free shipping 8.5 Inches LCD Writing Tablet - NEWYES NYWT085D - Robot Pad Kids Drawing board Doodle Pads Electronic Graphic Drawing Tablet Rii i8X 2.4GHz Mini ...

Durabook launches fully-rugged U11 tablet for professional users
Surface tablets and iPads may be perfect for the typical home or office, but field workers and industrial environments will likely demand something a little sturdier to resist the elements. Durabook caters directly to these types of workers who can benefit ...

Arconas Launches New Wireless Charging Tablet
Arconas is launching two new airport furniture solutions, the inPower hub and Place wireless charging tablet at Passenger Terminal Expo in Stockholm, Sweden (March 20-22). The inPower hub is a wall-mounted counter system designed with an integrated ...

How do you copy and paste something on a tablet?
Answers.com ® is making the world better one answer at a time. You could tap on a picture and then press copy and then go on to documents and then press paste.Its like what you do on a computer!So just do what I just said! You could tap on a picture and ...

Amazon: The second most desirable tablet vendor
Amazon (AMZN) has had a hell of a ride in the tablet market. The first Kindle tablet rode on the wave of Kindle eBook readers’ success and made a big splash. That turned into bitter backlash due to software and hardware quality problems, however.

This Small Yet Sturdy Phone And Tablet Mount Costs Less Than $20
Whether you safely want to use your phone as a navigation tool while driving, need an easy way to prop up your tablet to view a recipe while cooking, or know studying will be more efficient with a mounted device, then this is the product for you.

Tablet Discovered by Hebrew U Matches Code of Hammurabi
For the first time in Israel, a document has been uncovered containing a law code that parallels portions of the famous Code of Hammurabi. The code is written on fragments of a cuneiform tablet, dating from the 18th-17th centuries B.C.E in the Middle ...