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From the clay tablet to predictive text: how tech shapes literature
You could read it as an invitation to reflect on both the limits and the possibilities of technology. “Type ‘I was born’”, suggested the Twitter account @therealbradg this month, “and then let your predictive write your autobiography”.

New Amazon Fire Tablet OS Update Stops You From Sideloading Apps
Amazon recently pushed out a firmware update for their FireOS operating system and the build number is OS 5.6.0. It is primarily applicable to the new HD 10, Fire 7 and a myriad of other tablets released in the past two years. I don’t know if it was ...

Amazon Fire HD 10 (2017) Review: Inexpensive But Good Full-Size Tablet
The Amazon Fire HD 10 is this company’s biggest and most powerful tablet, but it’s still less than $150. That budget price gets a 10.1-inch, high-resolution display, much better performance than its predecessors, and twice as much memory. But what sets ...

My tablet wont charge
@katarina_girl98 this could be a bad battery or a bad charging port .A repair of the port would require you to disassemble your tablet, and to (most likely) de-solder the old port and replace it with a new one. Sometimes, it is just the solder that has ...

Cops ticket driver with iPhone, tablet lashed to the wheel
In our hyperconnected modern era, virtually everyone has a story about a near-miss with a driver who was more focused on his smartphone than the road. But a motorist in Vancouver, B.C., may have set a new bar for distracted driving. There, police pulled ...

Thief stole meat from two shops - and her friend's tablet computer
A woman who stole almost £130 of meat from two stores and a friend's tablet computer has been handed a 12-month community order. Jackie Wallace pinched 10 packets of bacon worth £35 from The One Stop Shop, in Smallthorne, and two beef rump steaks, as ...

Affordable Lenovo Tab 7 Essential Android Tablet Now Available From $80
Just in time for the holiday season Lenovo has launched a new affordable tablet in the form of the Lenovo Tab 7 Essential which is available to purchase priced at $79.99 offering an Android tablet preloaded with Google’s Android 7.0 Nougat operating system.

My tablet powered off during use and when I tried to turn it on with the reset button. It will not go past the rca moving logo
Note: If this problem started after an update (or system reinstall), please make sure the laptop is not connected to the internet in any way before you use the following instructions. Try the following... 1. Power off the laptop. 2. Power on the laptop.

Borrowing Digital Library Books on Tablet/Smrtphne
Have a smartphone or tablet? Want to learn how to use a free library service to access library ebooks and audiobooks, whenever, wherever? Come in and let us show you how to use the increasingly popular Overdrive and Libby apps. By the end of class you’ll ...

Selling your phone or tablet? Here’s how to wipe your Android phone
Our smartphones are privy to some of our most important secrets. Sensitive business emails, financial details, contact information, and perhaps even a risqué photo are not things you want falling into the wrong hands. Performing a factory reset is ...