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News for Tech Deck Skate Park

Spin Master Reveals Its Own Surprise with Announcement of 2018 Collectibles Line Up
With grungy style, cool personalities, and fierce smiles, Tech Deck Dudes are ready to hit the skate park. This line of collectibles is character driven with each Tech Deck Dude belonging to their own crew. From the Brainy Bunch, to the Ninja Squad to the ...

Tony Hawk shows skate skills in Bluffton
The two young men responsible for Bluffton’s skate park were there Thursday to meet skateboard legend ... And he headed off to the sponsor tents for Quicksilver, Tech Deck, Staples, YoYo factory and The Truth, a youth smoking prevention campaign.

A Tiny RC Skateboard That Can Halfpipe Better Than You
HEXBUG's Circuit Boards (bonus points for cleverness there) are not unlike the tiny Tech Deck finger skateboard that were at peek ... and even perform tricks like stalls and kick-flips on a tiny skatepark. As far as tiny RC toys go, they're quite impressive.

Lake Elsinore holds grand opening for new skate park
The city of Lake Elsinore held a grand opening ceremony and ribbon cutting for its new skate park on Friday, July 24 ... to helping children to be more athletic, donated 500 tech-decks. Two gift cards for the Outlets of Lake Elsinore worth $25 were ...

Tony Hawk Foundation Benefit at Wynn Las Vegas a Success
LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Residents of Las Vegas will see an improved public skatepark in their neighborhood ... Six Flags, Kohl's, Tech Deck, Birdhouse, Nixon, DM Steele Printing, JetBlue, and DUB. A charitable, non-profit organization, the Tony ...

This one-wheeled hoverboard lets you 'surf on land'
Two-wheeled hoverboards include a 500-watt motor, but the one-wheeled hoverboard will ... it only worked in a skate park that had magnets on the track. The company also said it doesn't plan to sell it to the public. In October, tech company Arx Pax ...