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News for Tennessee

Pruitt gets raise, extension from Tennessee after 2 seasons
No. 16 Tennessee has given coach Jeremy Pruitt a raise and a contract extension through 2025 after two seasons on the job. Tennessee announced the two-year extension Thursday that also will increase ...

Tennessee burned South Carolina’s secondary last year. What’s key to stopping it now | Charlotte Observer
Jaycee Horn hasn’t forgotten the last time South Carolina football went against Tennessee. As a cornerback, the junior would be hard pressed to forget. The Gamecock secondary was carved up by the ...

Tennessee football is gambling on where Jeremy Pruitt is headed, not where he is now | Estes
The Vols, in the midst of a pandemic, have given Pruitt an extension and a significant raise for going 13-12. That raises some eyebrows.

Tennessee panel approves licenses for first three operators for online sports betting
NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Tennesseans will soon be able to bet on sports online after officials approved licenses for the first group of sports betting operators. The Tennessee Lottery's Sports Wagering ...

Preview: Vikings look for first win against unbeaten Titans
Those are some of the strengths the Tennessee Titans will take with them to Minnesota. The Vikings could be forgiven for harboring envy, after all, for these are attributes they thought they had. More ...

Titans Teammates Impressed With Murchison
Former NC State defensive tackle Larrell Murchison, a rookie with the NFL's Tennessee Titans, has made a positive impression on his new teammates according to the team's first round draft pick Jeffery ...

UTSA navigates short week, change in opponent to reach Conference USA opener against Middle Tennessee
With Friday’s scheduled matchup against Memphis canceled due to positive COVID-19 tests in the Memphis program, UTSA prepares to face replacement opponent Middle Tennessee in the Alamodome.

Behind Enemy Lines: Five Questions About the Tennessee Titans
Titans team that went to the AFC Championship Game a year ago. The game is at U.S. Bank Stadium, but as we saw in Week 1, that doesn't mean as much this year as it did in the past. Can the Vikings get ...

Tennessee football vs. South Carolina pits friends Jeremy Pruitt vs. Mike Bobo | Estes
Jeremy Pruitt and Mike Bobo were once assistant coaches together on Mark Richt's staff at Georgia. Now they'll square off to open the 2020 season.

Titans-Vikings Preview
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) The thriving veteran quarterback. The game-controlling rushing attack. The premier pass rusher. Those are some of the strengths the Tennessee Titans will take with them to Minnesota.

Unbeaten Titans bring blueprint of what winless Vikings were
Those are some of the strengths the Tennessee Titans will take with them to Minnesota. The Vikings could be forgiven for harboring envy, after all, for these are attributes they thought they had.

Tennessee Titans vs Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos Dre' Bly (L) and John Lynch leap into each other after Bly's interception in the fourth quarter against the Tennessee Titans at Invesco Field at Mile High in Denver on November 19, 2007 ...