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News for Tillers

Bhutan to receive 400 more power tillers
The agriculture ministry is expecting another 400 power tillers as grant from Japan by September this year, according to agriculture officials. Agriculture minister, Yeshey Dorji, said it is part of the 1,450 power tillers that Bhutan requested Japan to ...

Power Tillers Bring Joy To Farmers
Nine farmers in the Northern Division were given power tillers yesterday to help them in their farms in Labasa. The farmers paid one third (1/3) of the total cost of the tillers, while the balance was paid by Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC).

4454 power tillers to be distributed to farmers: CM
It is the target of Agriculture Department of Tripura that this year a total of 4454 power tillers have to be distributed to actual farmers but the previous government of the state had distributed 1034 numbers of power tiller to farmers,Tripura Chief ...

Understanding farm tractors
In crop farming, tractors, ploughs, planters, tillers and harrowers, among others, are essential as they facilitate better farming. If farmers in Uganda hope to succeed in their agricultural initiative, they must yearn to embrace mechanised agriculture ...

The Tillers Get Folky
Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, a town with a thriving music scene and part of the Louisville/Cinci/Indianapolis circuit, The Tillers are busy promoting the release of their latest album with a grueling summer tour. The eponymous album has been available ...

With An ROE Of 18.78%, Has VS.T. Tillers Tractors Limited’s (NSE:VSTTILLERS) Management Done Well?
VS.T. Tillers Tractors Limited (NSEI:VSTTILLERS) delivered an ROE of 18.78% over the past 12 months, which is an impressive feat relative to its industry average of 10.57% during the same period. On the surface, this looks fantastic since we know that ...

Power tillers distributed among farmers
MANGALDAI, June 3 - A farmers’ meet was organised by the District Agriculture Department here to launch the Government’s subsidised power tiller distribution to 200 beneficiaries under the Centrally-sponsored Bringing Green Revolution to Eastern India ...

REX NELSON: Purple hulls and tillers
The temperature was in the 90s and the humidity was high, but that didn't stop a crowd of several hundred people from gathering around a field at Emerson for the annual World Championship Rotary Tiller Race. You read that correctly. And before you laugh ...

BRIEF-India's VST Tillers Tractors April Power Tillers Sales Down 42 Pct
* APRIL TOTAL POWER TILLERS SALES OF 668 UNITS VERSUS 1163 UNITS LAST YEAR Source text: bit.ly/2KxCJSp Further company coverage: Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.