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One Of The 'Most Powerful' Android Spyware Tools Ever Was Just Uncovered
Italy is home to a remarkably bustling smartphone spyware industry. Hacking Team infamously hacked itself in 2015, somehow remains one of the bigger players. But there are others: IPS, Area IT and RCS to name a few. On Tuesday, researchers from Russian ...

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DHS giving ‘active defense’ cyber tools to private sector, secretary says
The Department of Homeland Security is providing tools and resources to private companies to engage in “active defense” against cyber threats, its secretary said Tuesday, a practice that has drawn scrutiny from some legal and cybersecurity experts.

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New screening tools emerging that help pinpoint child-development delays
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The most useful tools in my kitchen
Despite have well-stocked shelves, there are a few key items that I reach for every single day when cooking. My husband and I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. With three perpetually hungry, growing children and hearty appetites of our own, food ...

Get Growing: Winter is a good time to check the condition of your tools
I've been gardening for decades. Some of my first tools are still in use, however not so pretty anymore. Rusty metal, splintered and worn wooden handles, dull blades and loose rivets show their history of use over the years. A good tool will last a long ...

Skygofree: Powerful Android spyware with advanced surveillance tools
Researchers at Kaspersky uncovered “one of the most powerful” Android spyware tools that it has ever seen; the tool is considered powerful due, in part, to advanced surveillance capabilities that have previously never been seen in the wild. Dubbed ...