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Steyr Konzept Is A Hybrid Tractor With Five Electric Motors – And A Drone
While the Steyr Konzept is very much, well, a concept, it is intriguing as it is based around a modular hybrid electric drive system that includes a diesel engine, a generator, and five (yes, five) ...

Tractor industry remains optimistic for 2021
The tractor sales industry finished 2020 on a strong note with December sales up 18.4 per cent on 2019. Kyle Baxter said that, while 2020 definitely posed challenges for the industry, the current ...

Turnpike north lanes reopened after tractor trailer crash
An overturned tractor trailer closed the northbound truck lanes of the New Jersey Turnpike on Sunday morning for several hours. The crash happened just south of Exit 8 around 8:20 a.m. in East Windsor ...

Plymouth student restores Shelby family's tractor
SHELBY -- Jan and Dick Shellhouse of Shelby approached Laura Ringler, Agricultural Educator at Plymouth High School, looking to have their tractor restored. Ringler immediately had the perfect student ...

Over 1,000 tractors mobilised for tractor parade as BKU eyes massive support from west UP farmers
Even as the farmer leaders across western Uttar Pradesh districts are holding door-to-door meetings to mobilise farmers for the proposed tract.

Tractor rally law & order matter: SC
The Supreme Court told the Centre today that the proposed tractor rally on the Republic Day by farmers protesting against the new farm ...

Tractor heavily damaged in Faison accident
Late on Thursday afternoon, Jan. 14, Faison Fire & Rescue, along with Duplin County EMS, responded to a two-vehicle accident involving a tractor.

2 killed after SUV crashes into tractor-trailer in St. Clair County
Two men are dead after their SUV crashed into a tractor-trailer Sunday afternoon in Lenzburg. The crash happened just after 4 p.m. on Illinois Route 13 at North Main Street, Illinois State Police said ...

Ballston Spa man dies when vehicle is hit by two tractor-trailers on Northway
A Ballston Spa man died Thursday night when his car was hit by a tractor-trailer on the Northway and then sent into the path of a second semi truck that also hit it, State Police said. Jacob M.

Jack-knifed tractor-trailer tying up traffic on I-376
A jack-knifed tractor-trailer is causing delays on Interstate 376 in Pulaski Township, Lawrence County. The incident occurred at 5:10 a.m. Monday, according to state police in New Castle. The vehicle ...

Springwater, Ont., resident charged following fatal summer crash involving tractor, motorcycle
OPP say the crash took place on Highway 26, west of Horseshoe Valley Road, on July 10 and resulted in a man getting thrown from his motorcycle.

2 people killed in crash with tractor trailer in south St. Clair County
Two people were killed Sunday afternoon after crashing their car into a tractor trailer in St. Clair County. Officials with the Illinois State Police said two people were inside an SUV driving ...