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News for Transit

Fed expands loan program to potentially include cash-strapped airports, public transit
The Federal Reserve Board is dramatically expanding who can access its $500 billion local government debt facility to include some airports, public transit systems, toll systems and utilities. The ...

NYC’s push for citywide contactless transit payment is delayed by COVID-19
New York City’s Metro Transit Authority opened out the first contactless payment systems at select subway station turnstiles. OMNY — One Metro New York — has been delayed, now expected to be completed ...

Express Transit implementation in NYC delayed to December 2020
NYC previously promised to have contactless payment systems in place across its entire subway line by the end of summer 2020, but has delayed that rollout due to coronavirus health concerns.

Gov. Walz expected to extend Twin Cities curfew as transit resumes
Gov. Tim Walz is expected to extend the Twin Cities curfew at least one more day. Walz has scheduled a news conference for 3 p.m. Wednesday to discuss the state's response to public safety concerns in ...

Downtown begins to reopen today, after days of shutdowns and reduced transit service
A local advocacy group for biking, walking and transit launched a petition on Tuesday to bring back full CTA service and Divvy bikes. The mayor says not so fast.

Metro Transit light rail to resume Thursday
With Metro Transit buses and Northstar Commuter Rail already back online, Metro Transit's light rail services will resume Thursday at 6 a.m.

Metro Transit to restart bus and Northstar service Wednesday
After buses and trains were shut down for days across the Twin Cities amid the fires and riots in the wake of George Floyd’s death, Metro Transit has announced a restart over the next two days. On ...

De Blasio’s coronavirus transit plan would keep even more riders off subway, MTA says
Mayor de Blasio wants MTA officials to strictly limit crowds on the subway next week when the city’s coronavirus restrictions are loosened — but transit officials said his plan would force even more ...

Without A Pandemic Transit Plan, NYC Is Poised To Reopen With A Lot More Traffic
The “reality” is: more New Yorkers are buying cars now, and they won’t magically disappear in a few months when the pandemic subsides. Before COVID-19 shut down the economy for months, dealers were ...

Mayor De Blasio Unveils Mass Transit Safety Plan For Phase 1 Of New York City Reopening
We're just days away from Phase 1 of reopening in New York City. That means more people using subways and buses to get back to work.

MTA pens letter to mayor with plans and requests for transit system as New York City preps for reopening
The MTA has issued a letter to Mayor de Blasio ahead of phase one of New York City's planned reopening outlining a series of plans and requests from the ...

A safe return for the subways: The head of the NYC Transit Authority outlines what will be different when the city begins reopening
The subway system is part of the fabric of New York City — as much as the Statue of Liberty, Broadway and Central Park.